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Suzie Setsuko
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Lt Commander Suzie Setsuko

Stardate: 160108

I hate logs....

I also hate waiting around. Thank God that's over...

We're underway again from Pirandia Prime, we have a couple weeks to conduct a scientific survey of the system
We're going to struggle, our Science team is depleted right now.
The ship lost two first class ensigns in these past weeks, but for me, personally, it doesn't end there.
Whilst I've never had a sister, so don't truly know what it's like to lose one, I feel like I have.
There's an eeriness about the silences on the bridge now, an emptiness.
I'm sure it will pass, at least now we have a mission to focus on again.

This mysterious intruder vanishes from our ship, it's... enormously troubling.
We know no more about where he came from and what he wanted than we do about how he escaped and where he is headed.
Why do I get the feeling it's not the end.

The job is the toughest task I've ever faced in my life. Suddenly neurosurgery seems so bloody simple.
I've spent hour after hour taking in everything I can.. engineering manuals, warp theory, energy systems, weapon systems, tactical maneuvers, starship systems and operations. Oh I know Mother, so many detestable fields of study for a descendant of such an eminent life Science pedigree.
But.... I feel that I need to know more than everyone about everything on this ship and I'll continue to drive myself thus.
I've always disliked not knowing, I detest not being good enough, and I do love to punish myself with an impossible task.

----- log entry ends -----
Suzie Setsuko
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Stardate: 160115

Today... felt such a good day.
Despite our recent challenges, the crew has really responded the way we hoped, pulled together and stepped up.
I've never seen a more vibrant, buzzing hive of activity on the ship than I saw today.

Our mystery man from the shuttle will be an interesting puzzle for our Doctors to crack.
Oh how they loved jumping up and down shouting about Medical protocol, it's quite amusing to watch all that from the other side.
The number of times in the past I would be jumping about over quarantine procedures, decontamination protocols, I actually find it quite gratifying. It's funny to see how much of a pain in the arse I was for my former COs, if not a little satisfying.

For me... either way I'm still busy, I feel I need to know everything that's going on and be everywhere at once. But today was a different energy and it felt good.

------ log entry ends -----
Suzie Setsuko
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


XO's personal Log
Stardate 160201

Rise and shine Pirandia....
This morning, my head feels clearer than it's felt in... weeks.
The mystery of Prandia II, what happened there, as literal and real a scientific survey as it is... I cannot but help feel that, for me personally, it's also a metaphor. And focussing on this assignment has done me a world of good.

As with many aspects of life, we work to get all the information we can find, look under every rock, peer into every corner, trying to piece together what exactly happened. Trying to understand the whys and wherefores. Often we over-analyse, going over the same thing in our heads, over and over, without turning up anything more meaningful than we had already. And other times, we get a bad piece of data and chase a hypothesis avidly, one that's borne out of misinformation or misinterpretation, only to draw the wrong conclusion.

Rarely will we ever have all the information, so it's unlikely that we will find all the answers, but we do what we can with the information we have to piece things together and try to work out what went wrong.
Even then, there's no guarantee you find a fault anywhere. Sometimes... things just happen and there's nothing that could be done differently to stop them.

Nobody can turn back time... well, okay so maybe that's not STRICTLY true. But, as records show, the process is not only complex but fraught with great risk and in most instances it simply makes things, worse even if all you were trying to do was fix things.
But then, who are we to judge what is broken and we should try to fix?
Maybe that which we first perceive as "broken" is in actuality something simply moving on to a new stage, a natural progression, the way it was meant to be and no amount of fixing would, or should, change that?

The past is there to be studied, but once its meaning is clear, it's time to move on, leave it where you found it and press forward to the next encounter that lies ahead. But keep that which you learned from the past with you, so that it may serve your future well.

----- log entry ends -----
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