Acting Chief Engineer's Personal Log

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=^= Personal log =^=

Personal Log stardate 11222015

Waking up as normal in my quarters on the ship and then getting dressed, ready to go to the brief to find out where we will be heading next...

After the brief, we all headed over to the bridge to begin and we encountered The Mirage, a ship that was in need of aid....but not all was it seemed.

As I was there, I checked on the status of the engines as normal and checking to see if the warp core was still stable.

Over hearing that there was a demon who had invaded the away team and our Chief of Security was injured in the process. After the away team had to do what they had to do, I beamed them back over and straight to medical. Then The Mirage came out on the attack and went for the hull, only taking out a small percentage. Over checking the systems, I saw the Captain on the floor and the Chief Medical went straight to her aid and took her to the medical bay...

All of the systems were fine and we all made it out alive, which is what I can say for the Chief of Security but we will see what is up with him.

=^= Terminate personal log =^=


=^= Personal log =^=

Personal Log stardate 160122

Called to the briefing room to discuss the new mission ahead and we encounter a vessel in star space. We try to get communication with who is on board the vessel but we only get a brief link. The Captain called upon me to put a tractor beam on it so that we can bring it in and dock it into our shuttle bay. This was successful but it wasn't what we expected.

A team moving down to the shuttle bay and we discover something up with the warp core inside the shuttle. The only one who can fix the issue is myself, the Acting Chief of Engineering. I describe what needs to be done but in order to do it, the crew need to be removed from the situation and put into medical to be examined.

Our security officer Broly Blackheart decides to suit up and take it upon himself to take out the crew member and take him to sickbay. There we had one of our crew members close down the area while it was being returned back to normal and Lt.Cmdr Setsuko asked me to go and repair the shuttle.

While I am repairing the shuttle, the rest of the team go above and check upon the wounded and go back to their stations on the bridge. A lieutenant came back down and asked me if anything needed repairing, weaponry wise. I said that it would be a good idea and I pointed them in the right direction. After the shuttle was repaired, I moved out to my quarters and washed off any oil and grease. It felt like a good day.

=^= Terminate personal log =^=


=^= Personal Log =^=

Personal log stardate 160205

Myself, the doctor and a crewman went back into the sickbay to check up on our patient. We noticed that he had been unconscious since we took his shuttle aboard the Thunderbird.

Inspecting the cybernetics in his arms, we noticed that some of the cabling had been taken out by force and we had to come up with way for him to regenerate power back into his cybernetic arms.

We came up with a few solutions but none of them really stuck until the crewman came up with the idea of using battery power charges. We put them to the test and hooked up the exposed cabling to the batteries and turned the power on. The doctor noticed that his vitals were returning to normal and that he would regain consciousness soon. After it was a success and we infused the cabling back into his arms. I said to the crewman I would put a recommendation forward for him working on biomechanic engineering.

=^= Terminate Personal Log =^=
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