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Tactical Analysis of Karutak Vessel; (Contact on Stardate 180104)

Vessel is approximately 532 metes in length, and 77.11 meters high by 77.11 meters wide with a cylindrical superstructure. The aft section however appeared to have four spires measuring about 27.4 meters long and were tipped weapons mounts.

While technologically inferior by Starfleet standards (possessing technology roughly equivalent to that of 2320's era), the sheer number of firepower makes for a significant tactical advantage. The vessel was equipped with 32 disrupter banks and 17 torpedo launchers. It had primary and potentially secondary shield emitters. What made the vessel interesting was the powerplant. It was capable of producing such large amounts of power that it was difficult to get a read on the ship's systems. It is the estimate of the Chief of Security that this could be due to it's power plant running the entire length of the vessel and being tied directly into it's propulsion and offensive systems.

The tactics of the Karutak seem to be to analyze a species, determine it's worth, taunt/intimidate the species and then attack. The species appears to be highly predatory in nature which could lead into their tactics. Negotiation seem a secondary notion. Unlike the Hirogen who revel in the hunt/chase, the Karutak seem far more interested in the actual kill. The hunt is simply a nuanced means to an end to them. The Captain of the Karutak vessel specifically mentioned ending Fleet Captain Nora Gerhadsen's life by "biting out her throat". Whether such an act is considered ritualistic or part of their standard combat is as yet unknown. However it does lend to their approach to combat in general. They do not 'beat around the bush' as the old saying goes, preferring to go in for the kill, even savor it. Even when an opponent appears weak and defenseless, their is a build up to the moment in which they strike. This build up can be crucial when dealing with them as it is a prime chance to attack them. They are not prepared for a smaller ship to pose a threat and their sensors seem unable to detect Starfeet's more advanced weapons system. Either that or they are too prideful to care. However that is not for this officer to decide. What is evident is that the karutak regard size as an indication of strength which means a smaller ship like a Defiant or Saber Class would be able to surprise them and get the upper hand whereas a larger vessel such as a Galaxy class would give them pause.

In conclusion, the species is predatory and has designed their ship in such a way. When dealing with them, Immediate Yellow Alert is advised. Any negotiation if possible will be short and tenuous at best. Captains dealing with the Karutak should have an experienced officer at Tactical who is ready to go against a tenacious foe.
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