THank you Maxwell Crew!

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Indy Firelight
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UFS Civilian


To Captain Nora Gerhadsen and our XO April Coswell and all the crew: I Would like to thank you all for giving me a home while the Sheppard "Rested". I would like to thank you all for making me feel part of your crew, allowing me to role play with you all and for teaching me about, Operations Branch". A really special, "Thank you" to Jayce Rebel who helped me out with this new branch. Wow! What a helmsman she is.

I hope you will invite me back sometime to NPC for you. It was a most enjoyable stay. I also want to thank Nora and April for their understanding with me returning to the Sheppard.

Hugs to all!
Indy Firelight Lt Cmdr
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Nora Gerhadsen
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Hello Indy --

I'm glad you had a good time on the Maxwell. And I'm glad you liked doing Operations! This is what we're all about, after all. Best wishes for you on the Sheppard! I'm glad you guys are all back in business. And absolutely, feel free to come NPC anytime! This Thursday we're back at Skarvald, so great fun promises to be had!

In the meantime, congratulations on being named Branch Chief of Security! Good luck in your new assignment!

Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
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