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Jayden Colossus
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Science Officer's Log:
Stardate: 160219

I am writing this log to give some insight on my background. As of this date I am serving aboard the USS Maxwell as an Ensign and Science Officer. Things are going great, but my life hasn't always been so "in order".

I grew up in a small town outside of San Francisco, called Sausalito, from a baby until I decided to become a stargazer and a traveler among the stars. My father, Daylan Colossus, was my sole caretaker. He was a well-known diplomat and former ambassador to Betazed. When I was born he moved us to Earth. My mother was a distant heir to the holy rings of Betazed. Not many people know about this when she had the potential of becoming the next ruler. It was not something she and her family wanted to deal with, so they had my father quietly take me and move back to Earth.

So it’s needless to say I do not know my mother. I haven’t been around many Betazoids my whole life. I had to deal with being telepathic through different means. I can’t say that I have embraced it or my Betazoid heritage. I am still trying to sort that little bit out. I have to say I am getting pretty good at it. At first, the constant images and sounds was maddening; however, my first year as a Cadet I met my best friend Ka’len from Vulcan. With his help in the first year I learned several Vulcan meditation techniques to help “quiet the mind” as he used to say.

My studies were pretty routine; I focused on biology, xenology as well as sociology. I really love to get to know new people in any type of racial or socio setting. I am always interested in learning how people work and how they set society wide values and rules.

My first few years being a Cadet were an up and down situation, overall I did do well in comparison to many. Those four years were tough. I thought that graduation day would never come, but it eventually did. After going through graduation I was immediately forced to begin a new life with an Ensign pip on my collar as well as a new assignment, the USS Maxwell. So far the crew has greeted me with open arms. I was very happy to get the assignment. I believe serving with the Maxwell’s Captain I will gain a lot more experience than any raw Cadet could imagine.

Here’s to the discovery of the beyond.

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Jayden Colossus
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Science Officer Colossus Log
Star Date: 160225

I have finished detailing the new scanner software that was assigned to me from Commander Coswell. I have to say that I spent a considerable amount of time on this project. Pretty much all of the software algorithms have been updated in comparison to our existing software installation. I utilized several software comparison algorithms that I wrote as a Starfleet Cadet for a project. It found several issues that were easily fixed along with an anomalous file that the system was having trouble with. File 1101101010110101.01P was a file that my algorithm was not able to analyze. Each time the file was accessed the file would move itself to another sub procedure. Unsure what this was I did not proceed with bringing the software out of its testing phase and installing it into the ships main computer core. After several hours I finally determined that the file name was in binary code. When translated the file name came to a Dr. Jenny Twilight. I realize that many people often sign their name in some way to the software they design; however, the only worry I had was that the fact it was encoded in binary numbers.

While at Pinastri I took the liberty of getting a smaller memory core system that the station had on standby and was going to be recycled due to its age. I installed all of the level 1 command codes and scanner inputs that are standard for our memory core on the new system. Then I moved the new update over and proceeded to test again. The file was still being mischievous so I determined to allow the only way to find out what the file was for was to do the install on the test system. After the install was complete I brought the new sensor upgrades online and fed it fake readings to it so it would record the data and show it with detail. After having a better feeling with the install I decided to run a series of practical scans using the new software. Once the sensor function initialized the system began rewriting command codes. The terminal was locked out and no command codes were being accepted by the computer. Since the computer wasn’t tied to the ship I noticed that the computer kept trying to initiate a command code in our Engineering systems. Digging further and using the computer’s database I was able to trace the code down to unlocking the magnetic antimatter contractors. I also noticed that it was also trying to send a subcommand to lock out the access codes to correct the problem.

If we had installed this on the ships computer it would have started a core breach. Given the fact we are using a singularity core there is no telling what would have happened. Since our experience is limited with this type of core I only expect that something catastrophic would have resulted.

After many hours of work I was able to convince the file that its task was successfully completed. It then deleted all traces of the original file. With that I took the upgrades and begin my testing again. No issues were found. The software upgrades are now ready for install on the Captain’s orders. I am glad that I was able to find out the issues of the software upgrades. It was definitely a new experience to ad to my first year on the

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Jayden Colossus
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Personal Log – Jayden Colossus
Stardate: 160310
I’ve just ended my duty shift on the bridge a few minutes ago. I am still trying to process what went on during my shift.

(Jayden rubs his temples trying to make sense of it all.)

As I come onto the bridge I noticed a new crew member that I have met several times while on Pinastry. Indy is now an Operations officer. That is a great addition to the crew for sure. I have spoken to her on many occasions and she knows her stuff. For myself, I am still getting used to my first Starship assignment. I am eager to jump in, but sometimes I am afraid I might not have the experience I need in order lead. These folks I work with are so talented and very experienced. I want to try to take it all in.

It’s hard sometimes to learn while you are doing your job. I just hope that I can make this crew proud and establish my usefulness on this ship. As the ship was preparing to go to its firing range we were also awaiting our First Officer to arrive. While we were waiting for her arrival she expressed to the Captain that we needed to get Commander, Ress Th'kerhet. She was the previous XO for the Maxwell and had several answers to the questions and whereabouts of a few missing crew members.

Once Commander Ress was on the bridge it didn’t take long for me to get distracted from monitoring long range sensors. Although, my telepathic abilities are rusty at best, my empathic abilities can be spot on. I was sensing some misleading emotions from the Commander. So I informed the Captain. I was unsure if I was doing the right thing.

The Captain, shortly after, had Commander Coswell take Commander Ress down to her office for further questioning. She also asked Auranum and me to go as we both have telepathic abilities. After a long back and forth questioning session I was finally able to get the story after peering into Commander Ress’ mind. It was a very hard subject for her to talk about as she was partially involved in some way. I knew she had the answer that Commander Coswell wanted. So, I decided to help push Ress eventually we came up with a name, Edgel Vort. Vort would be the person to lead us to Kevardik Stora who works with the Nabraithians and would have the information we need to recover our lost crew members. This was a huge score for information.

After, that session I was wiped out. I had to meditate for over 2 hours after that meeting. I know that my abilities will come in handy, but I hope I learn how to control them that way I can be better at duties like this in the future.

That was a lot of information in a short duty shift. I am not sure if every shift will be this packed, but I am sure going to get my space legs quick on this mission.

Computer, end log and save.
Jayden Colossus
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Science Officers Log – Jayden Colossus
Stardate: 160407

Our current mission begin with a signal of old world Earth tunes. This eventually lead use to a Asgard held world hidden deep in a nebula in the Midgar sector. As Major Asbrink had the crew split up I was assigned to the beta team. This consisted of Lt Quick, Drs Spiritweaver and T’Ri as well as Mysti. Our mission was to integrate with the locals. In doing that we found a tavern up on the hill. We entered to see a native strumming his instrument. We proceeded to the bar when a beautiful winged native appeared. It turns out she was Queen Ellie Foehammer, of Skarvald. We exchanged pleasantries and she order the keep to give us food and drink. The hospitality was very well received.
After some conversation a tall towering fellow entered the tavern. That man ended up being King Balder Foehammer. He too greeted us well and encourage our feasting more. I can’t seem to get over how hospitable the natives are. From royalty to ferries this planet was an awesome find. After bidding farewell to the King and Queen we set off for our next discovery.

Computer, save log entry.
Jayden Colossus
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Science Officer’s log
As I received a communication from Commander Coswell I tracked the alpha team’s location to where we found Commander Godric. She was in pretty bad shape. After scanning the area and clearing them for transport Dr. Spiritweaver along with Commander Godric beamed straight to the sick bay.
It was determined that Liara (Commander Godric) had been bitten by a spider and was on the verge of dying. Along with this emergency we had a doctor who had a serious case of arachnophobia. On my way back to the tavern the threat of a spider outbreak became too much for the doctor Commander Coswell sent a communication for Dr. T’Ri. As she was with the Beta team she did not hear this as she was among the natices in the Tavern. When I got back I approached the doctor and as she report back to the ship immediately.
To take care not to transport in front of anyone I found a spot in the clearing and signaled the ship for immediate transport. Once we reached sickbay Dr. Spiritweaver was called to another emergency leaving Dr. T’Ri and myself to attend to Liara. While the doctor concocted an antidote I monitored her bio readings. With a quick scare when Liara’s isoborene levels dropped the doctor administered an hypospray. With that her isoborene levels returned to normal.
Shortly thereafter the doctor administered the antidote and Liara began to regain consciousness. When she finally was on her feet we explained what had happened. The doctor reports she will be on her feet in a day or two.
I can’t say I like spiders much, but after this incident I would be sure to think twice before going out in nature again.

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