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Indy Firelight
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UFS Civilian


Dear Diary
A very interesting mission today. We set off to find a trader called Kevardik Stora who was believed to be in the jigoku system. This follows information from retired commander Ress Th'kerhet reagrding lost crew members on the USS Maxwel long ago.He is apparently in contact with the Nabraithians. We need to find out if any of Ress Th'herhet's crew are in fact still alive. We arrived at jigoku and transported to the starbase.

Many small cramped hallways were our obstacles before we finally found the trader in a bar. Some folk drank a little too much while there but that's another story.

The trader was not very welcoming as you can imagine. It took the captain a long time and much effort to get information from him. Meanwhile some of the crew gathered details inconspicuously from around the starbase. I imagine the Captain will follow the information she has in the coming weeks.
On a personal note dear dairy I thought the trader quite handsome.. smiles. Time to dream.
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