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Indy Firelight
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UFS Civilian


Kicks off my boots and socks and falls onto my bed in my quarters. Looks out the window at the stars and smiles. Looks up at the ceiling thinking of the mission. Reaches for her diary on her bedside table. Smiles to herself thinking how she loves her old fashioned diary compared to the Padds she uses everyday. It seems so "Earth like" and reminds her of her father. Looks at her pencil and laughs. People have laughed at her pencil. They don't understand the feel of good pencil in your hand. Nestles down on the bed and starts to write.

Dear Dairy. Mission date 160310
Operations was in full swing. Our helmsman took the Maxwell out without incident even though I teased my colleague about scraping the paint. lol. She is one fine pilot and some day I hope she teaches me how to actually get from A to B without incident. I swear I need to keep that woman healthy because if she ever gets sick and I have to drive I think the Maxwell will be in difficulties. I haven't told them about my three lost shuttles. But hey that was ages ago. Why bring it up now? Shakes her head. (Rolls over and grabs a mini muffin she took from the mess hall. "Gosh these are good. I should tell the chef to make them bigger!")

Now where was I dear diary? Oh yes. The Captain was in fine form. Energetic as ever. We were waiting on our XO April Coswell to return from some secret mission. She contacted me asking to be patched through to the Captain. So that eased my mind because then I knew she was ok.
The captain talked to me about supplies and I have been asked to oversee what each branch requires. I heard something about chickens. Hmm Sounds tasty. Oh gosh dear diary there was that awful moment the Captain asked me to check if everyone was on board. I had looked around and checked the manifest and replied, "Yes ma'am . Everyone is on board and at their stations." Small error there diary. I forgot the xo. My face blushed red like my hair. I was so embarrassed. Anyway that sorted, moving on. I mean everyone makes mistakes right? (frowns at the thought of missing the xo. Shakes her head)

The Captain returned and ordered me to patch a call through to Command and then to the detention facility. I set up a secure line. The Captain was not happy when she finished so diary I wonder what's going on there? I guess we will find out in good time. (looks about still feeling hungry now and spies an apple. Crunches into it)
"Wow Replicators sure do a good job. " munches loudly as no one is about.

I was sent looking for the xo in the transporter room diary and i thought I knew my way around. yes it's early days but a good officer knows his/her ship. I got lost. Another embarrassing moment. I did ask on my com badge and those who had been there a lot longer than me also gave me wrong deck directions. So that didn't make me feel so bad BUt no excuses. i finally found the xo and declared her on the bridge ( she had beaten me lol ) .. hmm diary should not laugh)

Blue alert sounded and we were on our way. Course laid in. The Captain and the xo had a private meeting. COS was absent so I was asked by major Kyle to check if the weapons were on line. I thought it best not to forget any of those so checked very carefully)

Lots of activity going on around the bridge. We arrived at the destination for a weapons practice. That done successfully we headed back to base. (drops her pencil and falls sound asleep)
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