Kaydee's Personal Log (USS Milo)

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Personal Log, Stardate 191228.

What in the blue heck am I doing out here anyway? It feels like exile. Worse than exile. It feels like a living death. Oh come on, I'm being overdramatic. Too many videos. I haven't sent a comm to Kiffthiss in months.

I mean... Is it really a sin to be in love? We did get married, after all. Though, yeah, sure, it was probably a bad idea to follow him around at that conference. I just wanted to talk, that's all! Just talk! He didn't need to run away from me like that. That was humiliating, him running off, me running after him, calling his name... But like I said! I'm in love, right? I know it had been over a year since we'd really... You know... Seen each other. And his last message to me was all about... What was it he called it? 'Getting away from my crazy?' Come on, that was just mean.

And yet I still love him. I want him back sooo much. Which is why I'm now halfway across the galaxy from him. Something about his dumb Admiral mother wanting to 'protect' him from me. From me! What's wrong with me that she thinks she needs to freaking *protect* him from me? It's not...login to view the rest of this post
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