Mission #369

USS Atlas, NCC-74138, is a Hestia-class long range exploration vessel based out of Pinastri Colony on the Second Life Grid. Our mission is to explore the farthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant, seeking out strange new worlds and new civilizations, boldly going forward into the unknown! Our motto is “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

We are open to new crew! Please inquire with Captain Drewski Northman or Lt. Commander Siobhan Crystal if you would like to join us.

Roleplay Times: Mondays 5pm to 7pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Drewski Northman
Executive Officer: Siobhan Crystal

Moderators: Drewski Northman, Siobhan Crystal

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Stardate: 220606

Mission Name: TBD

Story Concept: Jayce Rebel

The following information is IN CHARACTER information.

Location: Deep Space, enroute to the Hapke Cluster

Alert Status: green

Placeholder for actual information!


In Service,
Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen, USS Maxwell, Commanding

OOC Notes:

- This notecard was done after the mission.

- We are finally getting close to the Hapke Cluster!

- Got an idea for a mission? Write it up in a notecard, and let's talk about it! I love it when members of the crew do their story ideas!

* These duties are very general ideas, feel free to add to them and fill things in.

--> We are a science and survey ship. That means we find weird stuff sometimes. Create! Let's see what we all can come up with!

* Please allow people to do their jobs and be thoughtful of the fact that people join departments and divisions to do their jobs. Try not to step on their functions. If you have something to help someone (advise that they may or may not follow) instead of saying something publically, it might be more useful to IM them and discuss it with them.

* Departments should be working together. There should be enough possibilities for everyone as long as they all work together and cooperatively. Do not be afraid to do OOC planning in IM.

* This is more or less freeform, but please don't have it as "Q did this". We need to get ourselves out of our own jams (not that this has ever been a problem with this crew).

Remember that the point of all this is to have fun! Good luck and have at!
Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
Commanding Officer, USS Maxwell NCC-21873
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
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