220921 - A Tale of Two Kyles

The USS Veracruz is an Allegiance Class Starship operating in Second Life since launching in October of 2011 (Stardate 111001). Commodore Kinney Randt has been in command, along with Executive Officer Commander Aryela Dagger from launch date until the present.

Roleplay Times: Wednesdays 5pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Kinney Randt
Executive Officer: Aryela Dagger

Moderators: Aryela Dagger, Kinney Randt

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Kinney Randt
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Command - Vice Admiral
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United Federation Starfleet
USS Veracruz
NCC - 200808
=A= Captain's Log =A=
Vice Admiral Kinney Randt Rhode recording

== Prelude ==

Captain's Log:

Stardate: 220921

Alert Status: Yellow

We have received a distress call from Frederation detention facility 3067. They are reporting a nebula containing toxic elements encroaching upon the asteroid the penal colony is located in.

We are proceeding at maximum warp to their coordinates while engineering and security prepare the cargo bay for the needed level of security required for prisoners of this maximum security penal colony.

Due to the nature of the facility, the Warden is unwilling to provide the names of those incarcerated via subspace, but will only provide it when we can transport her aboard. While I am not happy about going in blind, I can also understand the sensitive nature of this penal colony. Hopefully, we don't get hit with too many surprises.


In service,

Vice Admiral Kinney Randt-Rhode

*Crew Manifest*

CO Vice Admiral Kinney Randt-Rhode
XO Commodore Aryela Dagger

Chief Operations Officer Capt Fred McCellan
Operations Officer Cmdr Scott Salmson

Chief Engineer Fleet Capt Moonprince Rhode-Randt

Chief Security OfficerCmdr Kristoff Jameson

Chief Medical Officer Cmdr Rodneymmckay "Rodney McKay-Sheppard" Resident

Marine OIC Colonel Kyle Asbrink

**Guest Stars**

Aziz LT Cmdr Emilioperez Resident
Warden Lisa Phoebos Claire Seorn
Visiting recruit Ens matthewdelta "DeMarcus Kane" Resident
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