220914 - Galactic CPS - USS Veracruz Mission Log

The USS Veracruz is an Allegiance Class Starship operating in Second Life since launching in October of 2011 (Stardate 111001). Commodore Kinney Randt has been in command, along with Executive Officer Commander Aryela Dagger from launch date until the present.

Roleplay Times: Wednesdays 5pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Kinney Randt
Executive Officer: Aryela Dagger

Moderators: Aryela Dagger, Kinney Randt

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United Federation Starfleet
USS Veracruz
NCC 200808
=/\=Official Mission Log as Per ADMR Kinney Randt=/\=
Intelligence Officer Ulrich Bechir Recording


Stardate 220914.1700

Alert Status: Yellow

Position: Transitioning from Kazon-Ablan to Romulan border territory (Syllerran Sector Block, 008I to Syllerran Sector Block, 010K)

Mission Log:

The first hour of duty started normally enough, receiving patrol orders to move from Federation territory adjacent to the Kazon-Ablan to Federation territory adjacent to the Romulans. This was a transition that would take three days fully to achieve and all stations made at the ready for this transition and movement. During this time, the child of FLT CPT Rhode-Randt-Mistwallow and VADMR Randt fell ill and was taken to sickbay.

It became apparent that Veracruz was somehow ‘stuck’. The ship seemed to be uncontrollably moving forward, however we were at all stop. The idea was postulated that somehow we were stuck interdimensionally and the crew onboard started working to both confirm their situation and for a solution to the issue. During this time all crew members who had telepathic abilities also started to fall ill, similarly to Aziz. While this was occurring contact was made with the High Priestess of the Cli-Su who informed the Vice-Admiral that he, and FLT CPT Rhode-Randt-Mistwallow, were not suitable as parents and that the Veracruz was not a suitable place for raising a child and that she would save the child from the situation.

A discussion lasting roughly half an hour followed between the Vice-Admiral, the FLT CPT and the High Priestess about the nature of family that resulted in the High Priestess finally releasing USS Veracruz without further harm or difficulty to continue their patrols.

On Duty:

Crew Manifest

CO VADMR Kinney Randt

COps CPT Fred McCellan

CEng FLT CPT Moonprince Rhode-Randt-Mistwallow

CSec CMDR Kristoff Jameson

INTEL CMDR Ulrich Bechir

CMO CMDR Rodneymmckay “Rodney McKay-Sheppard” Resident


Aziz LTCMDR Emilioperez Resident
LTjg Melodyparis“T’Lara Ek’Tal” Resident

In Service to the Fleet,

CMDR Ulrich Bechir, INTEL Officer
For VADMR Kinney Randt
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