220907 - Hoodwinked - USS Hood Mission Log

The USS Veracruz is an Allegiance Class Starship operating in Second Life since launching in October of 2011 (Stardate 111001). Commodore Kinney Randt has been in command, along with Executive Officer Commander Aryela Dagger from launch date until the present.

Roleplay Times: Wednesdays 5pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Kinney Randt
Executive Officer: Aryela Dagger

Moderators: Aryela Dagger, Kinney Randt

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United Federation Starfleet
USS Hood
NCC 1703
=/\=Official Mission Log as Per CAPT Dodge=/\=
Science Officer Monor Bechir Recording

Stardate 220907

Alert Status: Red

Position: Close to Starbase 6, Federation/Klingon Border

Mission Log:

After finding the USS Ticonderoga, the USS Hood set out to find the crew and return them to Federation space. With the Ticonderoga in tow, they set out for the coordinates that were discovered in the science station computer. The entire crew were found mostly unharmed (some had minor wounds) on the planetary surface and were quickly retrieved.

The wounded were treated while Captain Dodge tried to decide what to do about the badly damaged ship. While this was being pondered, a Klingon battle group emerged from an anomaly. Threats were hurled, promises made, and eventually the USS Hood was able to flee the good flight back the starbase without losing the USS Ticonderoga.

On Duty:

Crew Manifest

CO - CAPT Dodge (CMDR Rodneymmckay “Rodney McKay-Sheppard” Resident)

XO - CMDR Gomez (FLT CPT Moonprince Rhode-Randt-Mistwall)

Helm - LT Alex Randt (VADMR Kinney Randt)


CEng - LTCMDR Hans (CMDR Kristoff Jameson)

CSec/Tac - LT Smithers (CPT Fred McCellan)

CO USS Ticonderoga - CPT Cawley (LTCMDR Emilioperez Resident)


CMO - CMDR Salsmon (CMDR Scott Salmson)

CSci - LTCMDR Monor Bechir (CMDR Ulrich Bechir)

SciOff - LTCMDR Candi Quick (GUEST)

Science Officer USS Ticonderoga -LTCMDR Rhu (CMDRE Aryela)l

In Service to the Fleet,

LTCMDR Mondor Bechir, Chief Science Officer
For CAPT Dodge


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