220810 - Color Me Kazon - USS Veracruz Mission Log

The USS Veracruz is an Allegiance Class Starship operating in Second Life since launching in October of 2011 (Stardate 111001). Commodore Kinney Randt has been in command, along with Executive Officer Commander Aryela Dagger from launch date until the present.

Roleplay Times: Wednesdays 5pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Kinney Randt
Executive Officer: Aryela Dagger

Moderators: Aryela Dagger, Kinney Randt

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United Federation Starfleet
USS Veracruz
NCC 200808
=/\=Official Mission Log as Per ADMR Kinney Randt=/\=
Intelligence Officer Ulrich Bechir Recording

Stardate 220810.1700

Alert Status: Red

Position: Close to the border with the Kazon-Hobii

Mission Log:

While undergoing routine border patrols close to the Kazon-Hobii border, CPT Fred McCellan detected a faint, encrypted signal. Upon investigation, CMDR Ulrich Bechir discovered the signal was an out of use Starfleet signal. As some old signal systems have been appropriated by civilian entities, most notably ones of the criminal element, more investigation was put into this signal. CMDR Scott Salmson worked on triangulating the source and destination of the signal, while others worked on uncovering the nature of it and breaking the code.

In time, it was discovered that the code was being used by a criminal element and likely was being used for smuggling and theft. The destination of the code was discovered to be the old, captured runabout previously referenced. Unfortunately, with the runabout destroyed there was no simple way to deal with the issue covertly. As a result, FLT CPT Moonprince Rhode-Randt-Mistwallow set to disguising the ship power signatures to mimic a runabout, while CPT McCellan responded to the message promising the expected cargo. LTCMDR Mantis brought USS Veracruz to the location tracked by CMDR Salmson where it was discovered the source was a Kazon ship.

Scanning between the ships led to an attack, during which CMDR Jameson was successful in fending off the attack and counterattacking effectively. During the melee the Kazon ship broke for the border and USS Veracruz followed. According to CMDR Bechir, there existed a possiblity that the ship was Kazon-Ulgath, meaning that USS Veracruz crossing in pursuit would be a violation of the current non-aggression pact with the Kazon-Hobii. As a result the decision was made to stop USS Veracruz just short of the border.

VADMRI Kinney Randt formally logs a protest with the Kazon-Hobii who are obviously encouraging border raids and sheilding the possibily Kazon-Ulgath ship from prosecution.

On Duty:

Crew Manifest

CO VADMR Kinney Randt

COps CPT Fred McCellan
OPs CMDR Scott Salmson
HELM LTCMDR LeighAnn Mantis

CEng FLT CPT Moonprince Rhode-Randt-Mistwallow

CSec CMDR Kristoff Jameson

INTEL CMDR Ulrich Bechir

CMO CMDR Rodneymmckay “Rodney McKay-Sheppard” Resident


Aziz LTCMDR Emilioperez Resident

In Service to the Fleet,

CMDR Ulrich Bechir, INTEL Officer
For VADMR Kinney Randt
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