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210609 - Where da Runabout?

Posted: 210609.1814
by Kinney Randt
United Federation Starfleet
USS Veracruz
NCC - 200808
=A= Captain's Log =A=
Rear Admiral Kinney Randt Rhode recording

== Prelude ==

Captain's Log:

Stardate: 210609

Alert Status: Yellow

The Veracruz was scheduled to rendezvous with the runabout San Pedro, which Admiral Randt was piloting back from Pinastri. However, once at the designated coordinates, the runabout was nowhere to be found.

A quick search along the scheduled flight path brought the Veracruz to a sector of space containing plasma eddies similar to the badlands located near Deep Space 9. Deeper scans also showed residual energy from weapons fire and pieces of debris as well.

The search is now on for the runabout, as well as for whatever other vessel or vessels were involved in the firefight.


In service,

Rear Admiral Kinney Randt-Rhode

*Crew Manifest*

CO Rear Admiral Kinney Randt-Rhode
XO Commodore Aryela Dagger

Chief Operations Officer Cmdr Fred McCellan
Operations Officer Lt Cmdr Leighann Mantis

Vice Chief Engineer Fleet Capt Moonprince Rhode-Randt

Chief Security OfficerCmdr Kristoff Jameson

Chief Science Officer Capt Scottybrit "Skot Brit" Resident

Chief Medical Officer Cmdr Rodneymmckay "Rodney McKay-Sheppard" Resident

**Guest Stars**

Science Officer Ensign Tonwen Su Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen