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191019 - Task Force Joint RP

Posted: 191107.1922
by Kinney Randt
United Federation Starfleet
USS Veracruz
NCC - 200808
=A= Captain's Log =A=
Rear Admiral Kinney Randt Rhode recording

== Prelude ==

Captain's Log:

Stardate: 191019

Alert Status: Red

The Romulan fleet was met, and we were victorious, exactly as the Romulans wanted. We thought we had outsmarted them, and they led us right down the path to our own epic failure.

While the USS Veracruz, along with the USS Sheppard and the rest of the fleet encountered the income Romulan fleet, there was a second fleet of Romulans, including at least one Scimitar class warbird, that was attacking Pinastri at the same time.

With the threat of attack from a thaleron weapon, the fleet at Pinastri had no alternative but to withdraw, with as many people as the y could evacuate. Time prevented beaming everyone away, and reports from those that were rescued report that Commodore Mistwallow and Commander Jameson were killed in the ground assault.

Commodore Gerhadsen has assumed fleet command, and has ordered all remaining ships to gather at the Ullipallili System, where we will decide our best course of action to prevent further destruction.


In service,

Rear Admiral Kinney Randt-Rhode

Re: 191019 - Task Force Joint RP

Posted: 191107.1925
by Kinney Randt
*Crew Manifest*

CO Rear Admiral Kinney Randt-Rhode

Operations Officer Lt Cmdr Leighann Mantis

Security Officer Lt Cmdr Lei Hanfoi

Intelligence Officer LTjg chrisheath "Salek" Resident

**Guest Stars**

Engineering Officer Commodore Nora Gerhadsen

Re: 191019 - Task Force Joint RP

Posted: 200106.1402
by LeighAnn Mantis
To: Admiral Kinney Randt, CO, USS Veracruz
CC: Captain Gron Syntron, Chief of Operations
From: Lieutenant Commander LeighAnn Mantis, Operations Officer, USS Veracruz

United Federation Starfleet
USS Veracruz

=A= Helmsman Log=A=

Stardate: 191019

Voice Recording:

We proceeded with all haste back to Pinastri and were immediately dispatched to engage and fleet of Romulan vessels in the Dunsker System in hopes that it would disable their plan to attack Pinastri.

I held position where we were to allow the smaller ships to lead the Romulans into our range of fire. Unfortunately, we also heard the ground battle over comms and it was...painful. I heard people get injured, I heard people die, and I heard people disintegrate. I also heard the cold laughter of Romulan victory.

Then the Romulans jammed comms and we were screwed...The firepower from the Romulan vessels quickly overwhelmed everyone.

In Service
Lt. Cmdr. Mantis