Major Nakamura OIC marines personal log.

Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


- computer start log -

*stardate 090130 *

Well well, seems these personal log's become one of manny things to do.
One keeps bussy and forget;s what one did, as do I anyway.
I'm a bussy marine! TRACOM is verry much moving and I need to do much to get enough teachers and to get my shedule straight so every cadet and officer can get his/her training.
Meanwhile on tranquility I have my duties as well. we're still with two marines on tranquility. Two fine fine marines who work hard and dedicate themself to there duties.
I love the fact that I can do two things at once, teach and be an bridge senior officer. Tranquility is a mighty station wich is never boaring. And if I feel boared then I will do a weapons test whit my big blasting phasers and torpedo's. Somebody has to do it!

About Pasang I have decided to let him live on earth whit my family. Whit my duties and a place like this it is not the best place for a child to run arround. Besides that I would like him to have some of my family values, I come from a rich cultural envourement that shoudn't be kept from him.
I will see him in my vacations and in the summer he will come up to the station and stay here a bit. Afther that we will see. But he is doing fine, quite a fine child.

Well back to my papers and reports to mark.

- computer end log -
Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


- Computer start log -

*staredate 090226*

And finaly the first stack of padds is proccesd and then you find the note you made about keeping you're log up to date... well I guess I didn't.

Sooo one month further we are and to be hounest it was a bussy month but not out of the ordinary.
On the bridge we see some come and some go. Especialy seeing people go is a sad thing. But when they transfer up or find a better spot for them I can only be happy for them.
For the marines it was a bussy time. we had an inspection by genral laxness and then not much later another one by Capt Vandeperck. I have manny officers coming in wanting to teach TRACOM classes. Unfortionalty not all full marines, this would be the best as that would be there duty but hell am I glad that we have so manny eager officers who join as reservits and then learn to teach classes.
It is much appriciatet.

Well I keep my log short, perhaps next time I add to it quicker hehe.

-computer end log-
Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


- computer start log -

*stardate 090416*

well ehhm when one is bussy she forgets to take care of these logs I assume.
Where to start...
Tranquility is a station where I still serve with greath pride, as only marine on board it is hard to explain why you are so eager in pollishing that phaser or that it is funny to test the new XO by loading in a torpedo. Well some may untherstand some may not the fact is I like it hehe.
From the time that the winter stopped and the sun startet shining tranquility seems to be a flower who opens slowly. More people on board and I think that we will be running strong in not to long.
Next to my duties as marine on tranquility my TRACOM work also continu's. I'm happy that I have a few dedicatet teachers. Especialy two loyal security officers who really help me out in teaching the marine classes and getting them out there.
As token of my hard work I was happy to hear that I was promotet to CO of TRACOM. This is something I'm very proud of.
In the meanwhile Pasang is having fun at my homeworld.  he likes the mountains and Im happy he also recieves some cultural and religon herratage. I know I woudn't have come this far whitouth all I've learned in my life.

Yesturday had an interesting end of the day, there was gunfire close to pathfinder and when I went to see what was going on I found the admiral testing out some weapons. shortly afhter that we did an exercise on 001/002. this was veryy amuzing. It's a good development that the admiral let's us run arround with guns *laughs* well for marines that is!

well back to my work

- Computer end log -
Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


- Computer start log -

*stardate 090508*

the events one goes grough between making a log are amazing... this time I even been to war!
Tranquility is taking on shape and we are getting some crew up there, I even managed to get some marines to show up there... and no that was not my own reflection *grins*
Besides the adding of marines to the tranquilty detachment there was also a big event, we went to war!
Trough some time riff there was a way to travel to another place using a stargate. And I don't kno how but we pissed some people off, as they came trough the gate with roaring guns.
For a marine this is the best time to have some fun and show what they are arround for, besides being very nice people.
During the war I've been in missions in the field, I've been a body guard of the admiral and I've been up at tranquility leading the troops. and I must say all elements have a certan ring to it.
Especialy being on tranquility and leading everybody on was very nice.
The war has ended and the defenses are down, but we still have the resedu of what we build up.
We have a more active crew and we have a renewd vieuw of the coc, and a new function OOD.

Now for the first time I was happy Pasang was away from pinastry and back home. It is hard for a mother to be at war when she knows her kid is arround...

now off to work, all those reports need to be finished...

-computer end log -
Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


* computer start log*

- stardate 090524 -

Wow this week was insane...
We have an murder investigation going on after the dead of several cadets. This investigation has led to an arrest I never ever tought I had to make.
The first murder was a lil back when cmdr hoorenbeek found a cadet dead in his office, I was leading the investigation and it looked like we had found the murderer.
A week later two more dead cadets where found and we interrogated the cmdr if he had any knowledge, there was nothing we could prove or no clue wo what was going on.
This week did a search of the lockers of the cadets who where missing. What I discoverd *computer mark folowing paragraph as classified *
I found a padd with the names of all the cadets who where eather missing or deciesd in the stuff of one of the cadets. The padd was about a trip they would have with cmdr hoorenbeek. * end classification*
My findings brought me in a position where I needed to bring cmdr hoorenbeek back up for questioning. As he is my old CO and we all like him a lot I realy hate that part of the job.
shortly after we discovered a transmission was send from the cmdr's office and we went there. we discoverd a cadet who was sending it and much more. He seemd to take revenge on the cmdr and in his attempt to flee he fell into space and died.
*computer mark the following paragraph as classified*
before he did he seemd to have granted the cmdr access to his memory files and chad rememberd killing the cadets. It was horrifying that he might actialy have done this. Chad send out a message of the cadet who did this all. and shortly after he escaped his own office.
We searched for him and found him. we had to arrest him and both cmdr rand and me had great difficulties arresting a friend and good officer.
cmrd hoorenbeek doesn't want engineering to mess with is programs and seemed very emotional for what one can say about a hologram.
*end classification*

The cmdr was brought to the brig and only cmrd rand and me could acces his the brig to make shure nobody temperd with his program.

not shure what will happen next but the commander said he was guilty... how can that be he is always so friendly and a good example, I learnd a lot from him the time he was in charge of tranquility.

well we will see.

- computer end log -
Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


- Computer start log -

*stardate 090608*

so the murders stopped but we have chad in the brig... that is not nice... I hope a trail will be there soon. I filed my reports and found it hard to write stuff down, as I worte it down it looked like Chad might be guility...

I adviced lt.cmrd Randt-Rhode to promote 2nd Lt Buck Piers to MDOIC, he agreed with me and thus I finaly have a second man next to me on tranquility. I will have to give him some more papers to do but so far I'm very happy with all he has done.

Inbetween my last log and now I've met an incredible man, Clin Seattle. And I fell deeply in love with him... he asked me to marry him and afther holding my breath for a minute I said something that could be translated to yes. We just have bought us a lil piece of land and we're gonna get some friends together to build us a house... my first house and ogod my first real man... I bought my dress together with Jadia and realy got the creeps... but hé a marine in white clothing...  :P
so we're preppin for the wedding on 090627 1700 sltime and we have a beautifull location on the waterside in 002 and a blasting party after. So at this moment I hoover trough the station and due to the melenaus being close to tranquility he was with me last friday. I got a call from ops that there where some problems and I got send to the lounge.
Clin wanted to join me and there we found some radiation... my gear woudn't work good and before I knew it I was acting crazy and apparantley I even sung... *silence*
*cought* ahwell. I just remmeber that Skyler came towards me and then I passed out I woke up in sickbay feeling pain over my whole body. My sweet fiancee was looking towards me very concernd and he took me home right afther I was dismissed. A greath thanks to doc sweex for fixing me up... I had a bad trip... what I heard from clin who had also been exposed to the radiation.
We where able to fix the problem and I was put to a day offduty... wich was very hard... but then I survived and am back for duty...
one never knows what is gonna happen next time on tranquility.

Last weekend I got a message from back home. it was a message about Pasang, he seems to have some issues with his healt and this might be the issue of his rapid growth at birth... My family takes good care of him and I hope he will be able to come to the wedding... we'll see.

- computer end log -
Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


- Computer start log -

*stardate 090717*

And I see this is my first log as a married marine... well good for me *grins*. And the honeymoon has brought us a lil supprise as well. as my husband and I have been talking about kids our honeymoon apparently had that lil gift for us. At this moment I'm pregnant with a lil boy and are due in 4 months. Due to this I have been send to do desk duty and a marine is not good in that, as desks don;t have weapons... and I have nothing to shoot at...

the last couple of weeks I have been feeling strange I shall log the events in the way it happend to make it clear if this is ever needed for an investigation about my behavior.

About two weeks ago I started to get cravings for food and I remember one evening I was in quarks after my shift and I found myself eating a lot.
Later that night I even made a game of stealing fries from ens Tim Feriszke. this was all a game but a few days later when I was again at quarks things went out of hand.
as I was craving food once more... only this time I apparently attacked ens Feriszke in the believing that he was a box of french fries, the attack was not meant to be harmful but apparently I was nomming on his arms.
I remember seeing a box of fries and then the ens and then again a box of french fries, when I came about I felt very tired and had to sit down. My husband was DJ'ing in quarks and noticed what happend. I went to sit down with a few friends and afther they heard what had happend and knowing who I am they inisted I went to sickbay, I refused but as soon as my husband was done with his job as DJ he took me in his arms and carried me to sickbay.
I was terrified, I had no idea what was going on with me.
When we got there docter Khol McDonnell was on duty and examined me, he smiled and told clin to sit down before he informed us that I was pregnant.
For us that explained my behaviour for that time.

A few days later I started to feel rages towards people, especialy ens Feriszke, as we always have the dualty of marines vs security.
This time we got into a fight a lil sparring got me going crazy on him and I strater hitting him, and later my rage went towards 2nd lt turbo.
Lt Domhanal Skytower placed me under arrest but as soon as I heard that my rage dropped and went into fear, I backed up and started to shiver.
I tried to run away from prf but ens dagger grabed me and didnt let me go. She ensisted I was brought to sickbay.
When I arrived there I was so terrified I was olmost crying. The ehm only gave me some seditives and told me to take a day off.

the next day I went to do my duties on the beach where there was a dunktank event.
When the evening came and Lt Commander Randt-Rhode was on the dunk tank ens dagger and ens feriszke where on the beach as well.
We got into a fight and commander Randt had to come inbetween us and stop us.

A few days later I went to prf to sign in as OIC and found ens dagger and ens feriszke there, they were arguing and I immidiate feld agitated.
I went to the board and when i got back I informed the ens that she was releaved from oic and that she should go up to ops and run some scans
she didn't go as she was off duty. I orderd the ensign back on duty and got her arrested

*computer pause recording*

*computer show current duty roster of ufe medial*
*loading roster*

*computer resume recording*

now where was I ahh yes I got ens Dagger arrested for not following my orders and when a draw my phaser, set to stun, she grabed it from my hand and trew it on the floor. I had to pickup my weapon and an scf lt found it necicary to hold me back, I got loose from her grip. when I ran outside prf in the direction that ens dagger had run there 2nd lt Baxton grabbed me again and I lost my phaser. I got loose and found ens dagger next to roddenberry tower in the science weather station.
not much later the troops arrived and I stormed inside... not becouse I wanted the ens out but they where endangering me to...
Inside we allover sudden soot on one side... en dagger and me where just in the building... then big booms flashes... then slowly regaining contentious feeling you're body bleed... I instaly got angry and next thing I know I wake up in sickbay *voice starts to rush *
I wake up and before I can say antyhing they enter another hypo.... few seconds later I feel my belly sting and it felt like my baby was going to die..
From that moment on I lost parts of my memory. I remember seeing ens dagger straped to a bed... doctor sweet... somehow even my own doc khol mcdonnell comes to mind tough I'm not shure I have seen him..
there where moments when I was there... but I could just hold my belly... thinking of*computer scrape that last part and start again on the previous line*
The things that went trough my head in those hr's it on the med bed where horrifying... I know I have asked for my husband... but he was not in range
I heard something about a virus... remember seeing doc sweet tapping consoles very high pasted.
then she came over to me and gave me a hypo.. when I acutaly felt better... my body did but that feeling of loosing my lil son it was still there
Ezra made extra scanns and showed me a liil immage of my unborn sun... whe left the tricorder with me and I just looked to it while I held on to my belly.

I was told later that I had a virus... the investigations to how we got it... and what is was still contiue...
I'm just glad I didn;t attack officers just for the fun of it...
well... *computer one to beam over to the shuttle bay* I need to bring someone frensch fries

* computer end log, energize*
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Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


- Computer Start log -

*star date 090815 *

Wel wel wel what to put in my logs, one forgets easy to keep these up.
Perhaps better start with the most ehhm pressing news from myself. As I'm no longer pregnant but my lil boy isn;t born yet...
On star date 090812 my lil marine now carrying the name: Apollo "Lobsang" Seattle, has been placed in an artificial womb.
Scans showed I was no longer able to give the lil marine what it needed. And my body coudn't fulfill the pregnancy. therefore Doc Khol McDonnell had to beam the lil one over to the artificial womb to let it grow till it can actualy be born.
As he is in there he will be able to grow and become a strong lil marine.

*moment of silence*

it is strange to no langer carry the lil one arround and well with no belly might sound amazing but it looks very strange to me *grins*
I send my beloved husband a message but his ship is still out of reach so he is unaware of what happend. I can't wait for him to return to tranquility and spend some time with me.
The duty of an officer was never harder then when one is in love and that love is far away.

well at this moment tranquility is gaining manpower. altough we need more crew and some new faces two pretty new people on the station ahve been making good efforts: Ens Dagger and Lt Allen. Both of them have made themselfs familliar to the crew and it is good to see them to busy.

We had quite some events, even with me off duty and light duty.
I have reports on a oficer from the past, we hade quite an interesting storm and most recently a prime directive case.
oww and lets not forget the moment when we had borg visitors... I became a borg and they treathed me with heavy dossages of radiation to clear my system. the doc told me my baby was okay but I still wonder what effect it had. if I ever find out that it was something I did that made this situation for apollo I would never be able to forgive me... I was on light duty but I also was the ranking officer on board... I had no other option then to check the station from deck to deck and well how i got assimilated is still strange. I remember bumping into the wall... then it all becomes hazy I remember moments... people talked to me... there was another one I believe... and these voices... the collective is truly a hell...

I have had some wierd moments in sickbay to...
I wonder what happends to me when Im in tranquility sickbay. some moments I get filled with fear and I believe I even took a weapon to secure my path out of the sickbay. I only remember parts of it but it is wierd I believe commander randt noticed the pattern of me not going to sickbay to.
I did my checkup and had no issue's that time so I realy don't understand.

well time for my next shift.

- Computer End Log -
Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


- computer start log -

*staredate 090822*

where the hell did I end up...
I remember going trough the academy and being trained as a marine... hell I even remember getting a position on the biggest and finest station of the fleet.
but the things I have been trough these last couple of days kinda do it all.
First we have an ship from earth in an alternate reality come here with dead people on it and a capt who is allive but states the year 1999 then a few days later when I'm on duty lt commander kinney randt-rhode apparently mixed up an appointement with his husband moonprince and while he was on the bridge we had the strangest event ever. trough a wormhole a shuttle came with a critical warp core, now that is not unusual for starfleet but as soon as the name of the pilot fell my co turned as withe as a borg.
afther shooting the shuttle to clear the warpcore from it,  and well I only scrached it a bit, I was caught up in looking to both partners extanging looks infront of me. we all went to the teleport room where we found a hansom man in the age of kinney.
Soon I found out that they where partners but both of them died in their world.
A quick tricorder scann showed why this was so... both of them are from another timeline.
now how does one go about with that...
Seeing all those emtions and trying to keep everybody in a decent ufs position I found myself in the middle of what became one big family drama.
it was hard seeing all these emotions in front of me but I had to make sure that things got arranged and personal matters later.
it is true what they say.... you're crew becomes you're familiy

I wonder how this will end and what kinda madness will release next... not shure it can get any more crazy!

- Computer end log -
Pema Nakamura
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


-computer start log -

*stardate 091011*

it is with a heavy heart that I write my last log onboard tranquility. All marines have been recalled back to Athena where we will undergo a serious refit and where my work as tracom CO is realy hard needed.
but besides that I'm needed this marine leaver her first post she got in starfleet, I remember when marine comandant Lothar asked me if I wanted to serve on SS tranquility. I never tought so manny adventures would lay open there and such an amazing crew would be arround me.
I have seen a lot, we shared a lot of moments on that bridge.
I remember the dark day's when bad thing happend... but also the bright days when we had fun and did what starfleet officers do best.

IN my time as MOIC on board tranquility I have seen manny come and go. my marines where no exeption, some came then others went. my crew was small but dedicated at all times.

well time to take my last items and leave the station.
Yet I know I will be back here manny times.

*packs her stuff and looks arround*
I saltute you tranquility.

-computer end log and close file -
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