Tranquility Relocation

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((THE FOLLOWING IS FROM AN RP PERSPECTIVE ONLY! The actual SS Tranquility build will not be moving!))

Tranquility was broken free from it's geosynchronous orbit of Pinastri IV in the mid 2380s. Nearly 30 years later, with rising tensions in the galaxy, the station becoming older and in need of a retrofit, the need for an orbital hub for the Pinastri Colony, and our slowly decaying orbit of the Pinastri star, the station is being prepared for relocation into orbit of Pinastri IV. The Station's shared orbit of the Pinastri star has put it into close enough range of the planet to make the time perfect for the relocation. The relocation will be executed in several phases:

Phase 1 will involve the disembarkation of all non-essential personnel to the Pinastri Colony, and shutdown of non-essential sections.

Phase 2 will be the Engineering preparation, which includes adding a separation plane to the station below the habitat ring to separate the spacedock section from the lower portions, setup of SIF Generators in critical, vulnerable areas, modification to the station's Shield generators, and installation of a modified mission pod to the USS Goddard.

Phase 3 will consist of the separation, and transit itself. USS Goddard will be equipped with a modified mission pod with multiple tractor beam emitters set to wide field disbursement. The shield grid in both sections will be activated, lowering the station's overall inertial mass. The USS Goddard will lock onto the lower section, while the spacedock will move independently using it's uprated impulse based RCS thrusters. Once both sections have achieved orbit together, Engineering teams will align and reconnect them.

During transit and until the station's defenses are back online, all approaching vessels will be diverted to Pinastri Colony, and the 16th Marine Detachment will be maintaining a 24/7 CAP around the station vicinity.
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