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UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


My Fellow Officers,

      With Our New Security Team On Tranquility SS Fleet Command Has seen Fit to Offer Me a Newly Formed Position In Security that will Make Security for all  Better.
I wish to Welcome to Tranquility SS Security LT Titania Lionheart. I have no Doubts she will perform beyond expectations.
I have been breifed as to what my Position consists of I will Be Overseeing all the CoS' Of Fleet And will be Making Possible the RPs to go beyond SS RPs onto Starships.
I have enjoyed working with each of you and will take the learning experiance with me to better  All of UFS Security Officers I Only hope You Do not see this as Your Losing me to Security HQ But Hopefully you see this as Your Gaining a Solid ally In Fleet Command. The Next time you see me i will bear the titler of Director of UF Starfleet Fleet Security Division|Security HQ.
If you Have any Issues Or Greviences Whatsoever Please I ask you Come to me and we can see if there is an amicable solution to your issues.
Keep in mind I will from time to time stop by and ask if there are any issues that you need to discuss with me as I am and awlays Shall be your Friend And Confidant And will Always Be there to Support Tranquility SS and Her Crew.

Signed LT Nemesis Blackheart
Chief Security Officer
Tranquility SS
UFS Pinastri System
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