Doctor's Log - 100109

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Zach Mammoth
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Today saw the first major combat since enlisting in UFS. The invading Orion forces infiltrated all areas, including Tranquility Station, which sustained considerable damage and a number of casualties. The following patients we treated in Tranquility Sickbay:
  • Pema Nakamura- Presented with significant burns, lacerasions, abrasions, internal injuries. Treated with morphenolog, kelotane, pulmozine. Patient became combative and required Sonambutril to sedate. once sedated a greenfield filter, nanoprobes, were used as well as continued use of  dermal regenerator and osteo stimulator.
  • Fred McCellan- Presented with major burns, lacerations, and internal bleeding. Applied Alphawave Inducor to sedate the patient. After diagnostic conducted, administered Keylotane, morphenolog, A protoplaser was used to stop internal bleeding. While treating, patient began seizing. used nueral imaging scan to identify a cerebral anuerism. Administered Alkysine to counter the damage. Used osteo stimulator and dermal regenerator in conjunction with dermalin gel for faciliate healing. Morphenolog was administered prior to removing the alphwave inducer. Patient released with orders to return with 24 hours for follow up.
  • Gordon Alderton- Presented with...a sprained ankle after tripping over a chair in the welcome center. Conducted diagnostic to ensure there were no breaks. Treated with morphenolog. Instructions to keep leg elevated and iced(20/20)
  • Tai Galicia- Presents with minor phaser burns. Assist-  administered 3cc Kelotane. Additional treatment provided by Lt. Zia Vaniva
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