first log for November 09 By wing commander nemeth tranquilty station

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Colin Nemeth
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Marines - Lieutenant Colonel
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greetings to all at USF this is my first official Log for the month of November so this might be a short one or a long one so here goes
well it has been a busy month for me in my first month as Wing Commander aboard the SS tranquilty i boarded my Kaneda Shuttle took off and flew around the planet looking at the snow below and felt glad i had the ships heating system on sudenly i had a message over the comms that a cadet had got into difficulty and had crash landed by a volcanoe
so i landed the kaneda then changed over to one of my experimental ships flew over to to where the stranded cadet was standing i instructed him to deress his ship he then got on board my cruiser we then took off and headed back to pathfinder along the way the cadet explained to me what happened apparently it appeared that a ship of unkown origin nad attacked his ship forcing him to make an emergency landing  i landed and pad 2 sometime later and completed the mission

during the next few weeks after that i built about 4 small cruisers all which flew sucsessfully did about 3 tours around the 002 and 001 sims and assisted an secuirty Officer in 001 sandbox whoa sked if i could do a flight over the 002 section of the sandbox this which i duly did then landed 20 minutes later the ensign then explained
to me what happened

in the fourth week a friend sent me over an experimental shuttle thise also flew sucessfully in 001

the rest of the week passed peacfully
and no further incidents were reported

this Log wascompiled
by Wing Commander
Based on SS Tranquilty
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