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Science Department Meeting Log

Science Personnel present:

-Lieutenant jg Aryela Dagger (Officer reporting)
-Lieutenant jg Chandler Wilkinson
-Ensign DeadheadDMT Infinity

Personnel involved approved publishing of Meeting Log.
OOC Note: Some cleaning up involved, otherwise this post would REALLY be long! Tried to break it up by topic for easier reading

Topics discussed:

-Number of Personnel
-RP Missions
-Tribbles birth-control
-OIC Boards

Question/Answer Section:

[13:04]  Aryela Dagger: In any case, gentlemen, thank you once again for coming. Is there anything either of you wish to discuss before we get going?
[13:08]  Aryela Dagger: So gentlemen, anything you wish to bring to the table? Suggestions, concerns?
[13:09]  Chandler Wilkinson: We need more social scientists
[13:10]  Aryela Dagger: To your concern, Lieutenant, it would seem we will not be getting anymore scientists, period, stationed aboard the Tranquility. They are attempting to limit the amount of people per ship/station and we are at our cap.
[13:11]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: Are there any unbalanced departments... some with too many , some with not enough?
[13:11]  Aryela Dagger: On Tranquility?
[13:11]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: yes sir...... as far as per department quota
[13:11]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: I guess it is to ask does any other department have personnel in their count that is limiting our own
[13:12]  Aryela Dagger: I believe personnel is attempting to do this with all departments, affirmative.
[13:12]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: yes sir
[13:12]  Aryela Dagger: These are the openings we have. The personnel can be found on this notecard.
[13:13]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: simply seeking to see if any departments were overloaded and could they be balanced.
[13:13]  Aryela Dagger: Completely understood, and an excellent question.
[13:14]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : They're talking about it in the Science section of the forums. If you want to check it up.

RP Missions Discussion:

[13:09]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: how are RP scenarios created, by whom and by what process?
[13:09]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: I mean more the 'mission' objective type ones.. not general impromptu ones
[13:15]  Aryela Dagger: As for missions, Lt. Commander Randt comes up with the weekly RP plots. For sciences, I would think I need to do that. However, I have been hoping that the individuals within the department would have specific things they wished to do.
[13:16]  Aryela Dagger: Hence why I have been attempting to keep people talking to me and each other, thus the meeting.
[13:16]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: ((been watching episodes for ideas))
[13:16]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : Good place to start. :D
[13:16]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : OOCly, I plan on bringing in one of the NPC ships to the station.
[13:17]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : That way we have things to study, and for those that need to or want to go places, we can use the ship to go there.

Tribbles Discussion:

[13:17]  Chandler Wilkinson: I'm thinking of opening a Tribble birth-control counseling practice on the side...
[13:17]  Aryela Dagger arches a brow. "Is that a joke, Lt?"
[13:17]  Chandler Wilkinson: not really...
[13:18]  DeadheadDMT Infinity snickers quietly
[13:18]  Aryela Dagger looks curious. "Do you think it possible?"
[13:18]  Aryela Dagger: They would certainly be popular pets if their reproduction could be controlled.
[13:18]  Chandler Wilkinson: If I can break the language barrier...
[13:19]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: ((would make an interesting gift object for the holidays....))
[13:19]  Aryela Dagger: Perhaps something to discuss with Linguistics then.
[13:19]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : Hahaha, yes it would.
[13:19]  Chandler Wilkinson: If they don't laugh me out, I will
[13:19]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: ((scripted to NOT procreate if certain factors were met, like weekly doses of medicines or injections)
[13:20]  Chandler Wilkinson: ((And a controlled diet))
[13:20]  Chandler Wilkinson: I doubt Command would like it...
[13:20]  Aryela Dagger nods. "Well then. Biologists would certainly be intrigued."
[13:21]  Aryela Dagger: As long as they stay in one's habitats, I do not think it would be a problem.
[13:21]  Aryela Dagger: I do not think it would be appreciated if they wound up on the Bridge.
[13:21]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: such an object could even promote a pre holiday mission episode where we seek to find the means to control them and do so before the holiday appears so they can then be gifts
[13:21]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: I think it could make a wonderful multi-departmental mission sir
[13:22]  Aryela Dagger: Perhaps something that can be discussed with Mr. Barrowstone. He is our communications officer.
[13:22]  Chandler Wilkinson: Always a possibility
[13:22]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: a sudden infestation of tribbles and the fight (muiltidepartmentally) to control them
[13:22]  Aryela Dagger: If you wish to follow up on the idea, you are very welcome, to, Lieutenant.
[13:22]  Chandler Wilkinson: Thank you...
[13:23]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : Haha. Security to the bridge... I can't find the Ops station!
[13:23]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: ((LOL))

OIC Boards Discussion:

[13:27]  Aryela Dagger: Alright, a couple of things I needed to discuss, mostly from a paperwork end.
[13:27]  Aryela Dagger: Are both of you familiar with the OIC boards?
[13:28]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: ((OIC .......?? ponders the acronym))
[13:28]  Chandler Wilkinson: No...
[13:28]  Aryela Dagger: OIC means Officer In Charge.
[13:29]  Aryela Dagger: The basic premise is, for some time now, there have been these boards in Pathfinder that is an attempt to keep a historical log of things as they happen.
[13:29]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: OIC sir..... ((snickers quietly))
[13:30]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : Ohh bad pun rofl
[13:30]  Chandler Wilkinson suppresses a smile at the excellent pun
[13:30]  DeadheadDMT Infinity smiles sheepishly
[13:30]  Aryela Dagger: The simple problem for Tranquility and most stations however, seems to be that to go down to PRF and fill out the board is a waste of time.
[13:31]  Chandler Wilkinson: I would tend to agree
[13:31]  Chandler Wilkinson: ((It should be a Google Doc....))
[13:31]  Aryela Dagger: Thus, I would like to not only encourage you both to take over Tranquility Ops at times when you find yourself able to do so, even if it is just to man Air-Traffic, but to note that if you do, there is now an OIC board on our own Ops.
[13:31]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: The solution for any log oriented project is a database, in this case webrun as a dynamic database or Google DOCs as a static database
[13:32]  Aryela Dagger: Hm. This is an excellent suggestion. But would people be more willing to go to Google Docs rather than stay in SL and fill that out?
[13:32]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: So we DO have an OIC board operational now sir?
[13:32]  Aryela Dagger: Affirmative, it is on the Ops floor. You need the Tranquility tag to open the notecards.
[13:32]  Chandler Wilkinson: I think they would
[13:33]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: I think if we can make it in world, and http driven it would be used more often since it can be part of the furnishings
[13:33]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : Where Kinney or whoever is in charge of the bridge stands? The far right console is the OIC board.
[13:33]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: is it operational?
[13:33]  Aryela Dagger: An intriguing prospect. I had not even considered that. So something in the bridge that reroutes them to the Document?
[13:34]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: not at all sir... have an object ON the bridge that accepts their report in chat sentences and files to database....
[13:34]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: other object can be display unit for most recent entries
[13:34]  Aryela Dagger arches a brow. "Interesting indeed."
[13:35]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: they can file their reports before they leave the bridge sir
[13:35]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : Something like "Computer, begin log... Bla bla bla"?
[13:35]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: ((OOC exactly sir))
[13:35]  Chandler Wilkinson: ((Or drop a notecard in it
[13:35]  : Aryela Dagger OOC : That's insanely awesome. Can that be done?
[13:35]  Aryela Dagger: Well, that's what the current system is.
[13:35]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: notecard will not record directly to the database....
[13:36]  Chandler Wilkinson: But...
[13:36]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: chat sentences can be parsed one by one.. begining with "computer , begin log" comment until "computer, end log" is detected
[13:37]  Aryela Dagger: Indeed, that would be fascinating.
[13:37]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: It might be possible with another coded section to read the notecard and then transmit via HTTP....
[13:38]  Chandler Wilkinson: That would be very nice
[13:38]  Aryela Dagger: If you think such a system is possible, then it would seem that you have just found your newest assignment, Ensign.
[13:38]  Aryela Dagger: I would not even begin to know where to begin.
[13:38]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: Trying not to add to many bells and whistles on the original concept at this early point of development research but as far as pogramming features it is certainly an idea that can grow in features
[13:38]  Chandler Wilkinson: I would... by asking Mr Infinity....
[13:38]  DeadheadDMT Infinity grins
[13:38]  Aryela Dagger nods. "Agreed. The simpler the better, so long as it functions."
[13:38]  Chandler Wilkinson: I am a "plug-and-play" guy...
[13:39]  Aryela Dagger: In the meantime, however, this is our current system.
[13:39]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: Is there a manual for the OIC sir?
[13:39]  Aryela Dagger: Negative.
[13:39]  Aryela Dagger: It is simply notecards in the "Content" tab and you edit the notecard for that week.
[13:39]  Chandler Wilkinson: Perhaps there should be...
[13:40]  Aryela Dagger: It is an excellent suggestion, and I will begin work on that as soon as the meeting is done.
[13:40]  Aryela Dagger: In any case, until the new system can be done, this will have to do.
[13:41]  Aryela Dagger: I encourage both of you to take over OIC of the bridge on occassion.
[13:41]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: aye aye sir
[13:41]  Aryela Dagger: It can be quiet at times, but it is an excellent time to catch up on paperwork or greet cadets if any arrive.

MSR Discussion:

[13:43]  Aryela Dagger: Other than that, gentlemen, I already have Mr. Wilkinson's MSR. Any questions on that, by the way?
[13:43]  Chandler Wilkinson: None here, ma'am
[13:44]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: None at the moment sir... will let you know after I review it again
[13:44]  Aryela Dagger nods. "Understood."
[13:44]  Chandler Wilkinson: Actually..
[13:44]  Aryela Dagger: Yes, Lieutenant?
[13:45]  Chandler Wilkinson: If I take classes, do I record them in the MSR?
[13:45]  Aryela Dagger: I do on mine, yes.
[13:45]  Chandler Wilkinson: Thank you
[13:45]  Aryela Dagger: Along with any I teach, town halls I attend. Pretty much, if I am participating in something that is on a schedule, I list that I was present
[13:46]  Chandler Wilkinson: Understood
[13:46]  Aryela Dagger: I also do a quick summary of when I was on the bridge. For example.
[13:46]  Aryela Dagger: 091117.1919-2032-Manned Tranquility Station. Nothing to report. Reminded crew to report in for their respective departments' monthly rollcall.
[13:46]  Aryela Dagger: Is a notation on my MSR.
[13:46]  DeadheadDMT Infinity nods
[13:47]  Aryela Dagger: It can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.
[13:47]  Chandler Wilkinson: That was a Vulcan MSR...
[13:47]  Aryela Dagger: I just want to see that you are actively attempting to participate.
[13:47]  Aryela Dagger: Aye, Lieutenant. I suppose such is the case, since I am a Vulcan.
[13:47]  Chandler Wilkinson: Mine are half-Human, a bit more wordy...
[13:48]  Aryela Dagger: That would be more than acceptable, Mr. Wilkinson.
[13:48]  Aryela Dagger: Any other questions?
[13:48]  Aryela Dagger: About anything, not just the MSR
[13:48]  Chandler Wilkinson: None I can get answered LOL
[13:49]  Aryela Dagger: If it is based on that which we have discussed before, agreed.
[13:50]  Aryela Dagger: Alright then, gentlemen. If that is all, you are both dismissed. Thank you for your time.
[13:50]  DeadheadDMT Infinity: thank you sir....
[13:51]  Chandler Wilkinson: Thank you, ma'am
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