USS Caracas Status Update to SS Athena - 091013.2039

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[20:39]  Aryela Dagger: *console beeps with a hail from the Tranquility*

[20:40]  Thallanor Rasmuson perks his ears and taps at his console. "Greetings!"

[20:40]  Aryela Dagger: Good evening, Sir. Apologies for interrupting, but I have some rather urgent news. It would appear that the Caracas is missing in action as of 091011.

[20:42]  Thallanor Rasmuson tilts his head, tapping at his console again, going over logs quickly.  "You are correct," he says, peering.  "Though they are stationed at Athena, they would have filed a flightplan with Tranquility or Pathfinder.  Do you know which?"

[20:49]  Aryela Dagger calls up the data. "It would seem Pathfinder, as I cannot find such data in Tranquility's database. However, with recent events taking place with Pathfinder's computers, such precise data may not be simple to access."

[20:51]  Thallanor Rasmuson nods firmly, ears perked.  "We are going to need to find that data.  I will see if I can find someone who can gather that data for us.  We've had a bit of an incident on Athena today too, and so things are a bit of a mess here."

[20:52]  Aryela Dagger arches a brow. "That is cause for concern. It may have had an effect on the Caracas as well, then."

[20:52]  Thallanor Rasmuson: It is possible, though if your reports are correct, the Caracas had already departed, though that does not mean that the situations are related.

[20:56]  Aryela Dagger nods. "Affirmative. I simply wished to note the fact. It was my understanding the Shogun had some issues as of late. In any case, I wished to make you aware of the situation, and hoped to coordinate with you and your staff for a Search operation. It is a ship docked at Athena, but Tranquility is willing to assist."

[20:57]  Thallanor Rasmuson nods firmly.  "I oversee the Caracas' deployment, so it is of some concern that they departed without first providing us their intent.  But I will see what can be salvaged from Pathfinder's systems.  I really appreciate you coming to me with this."

[20:58]  Aryela Dagger nods. "Understood, Sir. It seemed urgent that action be taken. It was logical to contact you."

[20:59]  Thallanor Rasmuson: You make me envious of your logic.  I will be calling on you in the future, I can assure you.

[20:59]  Aryela Dagger arches a brow, nods. "As you say, Sir. I will update you with any data we may locate."

[21:00]  Thallanor Rasmuson nods firmly.  "Thank you.  I am going to begin this papertrail looking for information from Pathfinder, and I will keep you in the loop."

[21:00]  Aryela Dagger: "Understood, Sir. Tranquility out." *the image disappears*
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