Chief Of Security - Log - LT Blackheart



Stardate 100504
N. Blackheart
Chief Of Security Tranquility SS Pinastri

    Encode Log 100504:
    I have Returned to my duties As CoS for tranquility SS After My investigations of the attack and infiltration of the Tranquility SS And Undergoing Mind control methodologies of Officers Of UFS It was discovered to be a plot of  a K&R Of the CIC Calhoun and was turned over to the Federation for  furthur Investigations,
    I am LT Nemesis Blackheart Chief Of Security For Tranquility Space Station Just beacuse I am a tiger dont be afraid Of me Unless I am hunting you for a questioning Or If your Spending time In my jail ..... I am Looking forward to assisting each of the Crew and Staff Of Tranquility SS to the Best of my abilities If you should Have a Question or should just want to pass the time and chat Please Feel free to Contact me....Your security  and safety is My primary Concern.
If you Have any concerns about My Service or Any complaints Of My Conduct I encourage you to Contact My CO Kinney Randt He is My direct Supervisor I welcome any Ideas You All may Have But Keep in mind I tolerate Just about anyone Even the intolerable.


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