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Commander Moonprince Rhode-Randt Personal Log

Posted: 161203.1510
by Moonprince Rhode
Moonprince Rhode-Randt sat in the darkened living room of the quarters he shared with his husband. Kinney was asleep which is where Moon should have been but something had drove him from the comfort of his warm bed. Instead he sat watching the stars streak by as the ship headed to its next assignment. Moon looked back at the closed door that separated the living room from his bed room before saying softly, "Computer, open personal log for Moonprince Rhode-Randt and begin recording."

The computer beeped at Moon to signal it was recording.

"Personal Log, star date 161203. Do you ever get the feeling that something is off in your life? That's how I feel right now. I feel like something is missing in my life. I have felt that way for the last few days. I haven't talked to Kinney about this yet. I would say I am not sure if he has picked up on my feelings but I know that would be a lie. Kinney is my true soul mate and I swear that man knows me better then I know my own self. I think he is waiting for me to figure out what is going on before he offers his thoughts. He was always good like that."

Moon takes a deep breath before ordering, "Computer end log and save".

As the computer acknowledges his order he hears the door to his bed room open. "Moon," he hears Kinney say tiredly, "Come back to bed."

Moon looks over at Kinney and smiles before getting up and following him back to the comfort of their bed.