XO Log - Sytia Shran

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UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


United Federation Starfleet
SS Tranquility - SS 001
Moving Day
=A= Acting Executive Log =A=
Lt Sytia Shran

Stardate: 160723

Location: Pinastri Prime Orbit

Alert Status: Green

Register of Crew Attendance:

CO - Captain Talas Shran (Jamie Czavicevic)
Acting XO - Lt Sytia Shran (Helmsman)

Science: CSO Lieutenant Apple (Appledew Resident)
Commander Jessica Xeltentat


XO's Report:
I came back to Pinastri where I joined the convoy in moving SS Tranquility from the planetary orbit she had been in presence to its own solar orbit near the Humboldt Belt. Command has authorised SS Tranquility to serve as the Fleet repair and resupply station. We are also the first contact base with the Humboldt Mining Consortium. We are to board the USS Lakota and monitor the convoy's progress through the system.

After the alpha shift confirmed their diagnostic reports and could confirm security to the station, the convoy left orbit and was set to follow coordinates that would lead us beyond Pinastri VI and would take up to two weeks travelling at the maximum towing velocity.

En route to our set location, we discovered a small interfacial rift that played no threat and is guarded by a warning probe / buoy launched from the USS Lakota. The buoy is presently examining the conditions of the rift and to where this rift is travelling and if there are any influences that may pose a danger. It is concerning that a rift is found within the Pinastri star system and we are now having to investigate the cause.

An explosion happened on docking port two, mid bay of the stations docking deck. The whole convoy stopped as debris was blown from the stations hull and what was understood, two crewmen were lost, Chief Artanis and Specialist K'Nath. Damage control reported to the area to seal the forcefield that dropped around the deck. A full investigation of the hull and docking port will happen once the convoy reaches their destination and the much needed safety measures needing to be in place that would prevent persons being in areas of risk during station maneuvering. At the moment we have resecured the deck and in note, a breach in mechanical failure had been recorded in the initial report.

SS Tranquility Command is preparing a memorial for our lost crew. Letters to their families have been distributed.
A full enquiry and safety evaluation will commence as soon as it is possible.
The science crew will be monitoring the interfacial rift as we travel.

In Service
Lt Sytia Shran
Acting XO - SS Tranquility
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