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UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Calls out to the computer to begin her log and save the date and time.

She's sitting on the marine sofa cupping a glass of iced water and balancing it on the edge of the sofa as she watched the ice slowly melt she started to talk.

"I've made some very hard decisions, the choices that seemed and felt right. I've spent time with Colonel Shran and my feelings for her is only that of admirable quality. In work, she is my boss, out of work, I consider her a faithful friend. She doesn't need to call for me to be on her six, I have her six and even I before her, if it comes to that point."

She broke from talking as she stirred the ice within the glass, feeling the chill in her fingers.

"I have accepted a position from Captain Killian and Commodore Mistwallow, I hope that I can do then a proud job and that as I know, our doctors are treating Captain Killian as I hope he remains stable and will recover well.
The reason why I joined the Marine Corps, was to learn more about them. I could not pass up the opportunity that Colonel Shran gave. I was informed I aced my results and i'm in boot camp waiting on formal papers from Personnel. While this is in process, I am involved with the Pinastri clean up operations and providing aid and then spending two hours training up in Tranquility. I have chosen at this tmie to be known as 2nd Lt rather than Ensign to take up my Marine rank identification"

She drank her iced water, feeling the cold liquid make its way down her throat.

"Yesterday was .. a challenge. Marines not understanding protocol made me laugh. I'm fresh new out the bag of my exams and i'm questioned?" she shakes her head tutting. "I may be new, but i'm no fool" she drank more water, then reached to settle it on the side table. "It was my first time on the batlefield on the front lines and I had done well. I worked out the formation of those Klingarians and had to take two in a close quarter combat. Luckily my training which is defensive in martial art helped. I had only deep bruises and familiar cuts to bear. I met Gavel and he is one truly remarkable marine, I will be in close study as he gave me good instruction. I hope his ship CO knows how talented this individual is."

She leans forward and crossed her arms over her knees.

"My first day in duty assignment for my two hours was interesting. Science done well and I gave all round knowledge, scientifically, operationally and in terms of law, letting my comrades understand what are the terms and meanings. CO Thrasher made a comment that I appreciate. I hope that the Tranquility staff can accept me. I come across hard when it comes to law and the safety of .. all of them and the station itself. I am like what I am, because I care. We made a good rescue operation and traffic is on diversion until an all clear is sounded and close monitoring of local space will be ongoing. I hope I have more opportunity to work with science."

Hearing footsteps approach "computer, end log and save"
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Evergreen asks the computer to begin her log and note date and time.

She sits down playing with her fingers for a moment and tinkers around with her belongings.

"I moved to Tranquility as my orders came through. I'm beginning to take on board the marine structure and other necessities to understand the corps. I made a bold move to apply for a job but I know I'll be knocked back due to lack of experience. But at least marine command know I have deep interest. I'm interested in aiding TRACOM, to pay back what I have learned to aid other marine recruits. I have a few things in mind that I have proposed, I can't give out the details yet but the persons who know, do know."

She scratches her nose for a moment.

"I have been in Starfleet for a few months and i'm happy. I retook my cocts and octs because I was wanting distraction therapy .. so I just done." she shrugged.

"I am taking a moments rest because I know my OIC will throw something at us to get us moving. I think this is the best move I made without doubt in my Starfleet career and it's allowing me to slowly learn the essential parts to Starfleet on the whole. I know I contribute well, but I just need to concentrate of my behavioral aspects and give that a good polish up and maintain my professionalism."

She paused a moment considereing if there's anything else she wants to say.

"computer end log and save."

After hearing the complying voice Evergreen got off her bunk and finished tidying things around her area before walking out the ambient room.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Evergreen heard her alarm call at 4.30am in the morning. She covered her face with her pillow to drown out the noise for just a few minutes, but that was short coming. Her bunk mate Charlene pulled her toe which made Evergreen shoot up fast with a loud gasp of ticklishness escaping her lips. "Come on Evergreen, no sleep overs" Charlene said and snapped "come on, rise and shine". Yeah, who needs an alarm when you have Charlene in your room?. Pulling herself up, getting showered and dressed Evergreen got herself looking presentable as the others fussed about their businesses.
When she had a few minutes in the bathroom alone, she started her log and called to the computer to record the date and time.

"I have a few minutes on my side to record this log. For the record, i'm so happy in the Marines, I never knew how many comrades i'll be with and to learn from them. They are all, fantabulous, yes, fantabulous" she smiled and momentarily checked her face over. "I had a late night of sparring yesterday so i'm covering my bruise with some blemish cream, Gothry gave me a good crack to my cheek with his elbow because my guard was too low and he came over the top. Tricky sod, i'll look out for that next time, I have circuit training tonight, starting with 10,10,10 warm up and I hope not so many press ups, i'll have no chest before long.. and I like my curves".

"I have met the Chief of Security Miu, she seemed nice and .. reserved. I would like to get to know Miu a little more and sure I will with in time. I believe I submitted a suitable report to my OIC, Talas Shran. It takes time to adapt into an unfamiliar place and I will say i'm feeling .. I don't know, unsettled? may be?".

Re-checking her left cheek in the mirror she was satisfied "ok, I better get running along, computer end log and save".

Hearing the confirmation, she packed her stuff away and walked briskly to the door and out.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Evergreen curled up in her bed, she was smiling over last nights dream, it was wild, she cold feel her heart still pounding in her body. She pulled the blankets tighter to her chest for a moment and let go. She had to get up.

=^= Computer begin my personal log and record =^=

"I've had a good few weeks in Tranquility. I love the job I have done and mainly coordinate my efforts between security and operations, it's been about logistics lately, but I don't mind. It keeps me occupied and out of trouble". She sits up with her legs dangling off from the bed. "I'm in the Goddard for a change, it's nice being out on a ship for a change and seeing the universe around us."
She moved over to begin preparing herself for the morning "I'm on an early shift and having to prepare myself, i'd say the only thing I don't like on the ships is about them feeling cramped. I get a good run in the station, but not here. I look like i'm nuttier than a nut in a nutshell" she shrugged. "I have to make my own entertainment, if not for the completely wild, vivid dreams i've had lately. I'm not sure what that's about but, I need to concentrate and be at my best, hopefully work and training will put that to rights".

"Anyway, Computer end log, I need to go."

=^= The computer chimes and states the recording has saved.=^=

Evergreen takes her belongings and heads towards the shower.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


=^= Computer open and begin log, record=^=
Waiting on hearing the chime, Evergreen paused.

"I don't know how to feel at this point, I have made a few errors in my career within Starfleet that has made me some what disappointed within myself. I could do better, I shouldn't let a personal circumstance of my crushed time hinder my career opportunities, but I also lack confidence very, very badly. I spoke to some one confidentially about all this and what I want to do out of Starfleets vicinity, but I feel alot like i'm alone and struggling deep within. I know some part of me since last week got so upset, a close friend passed away very suddenly and there's that gut feeling when something is feeling like shock, let alone the drop of news earlier in the week left me feeling somewhat .. out of place. You love people and life changes everything because time passes in this linear existence."

"I will be on duty when Will and Jamie call, but I think i'm going to start my humanitarian project for the Bilitis Conservation. A sister who hosted Geoscience conference to the female refuge world I had met a few years ago. She recently chased me to develop a program for the endangered species there. It should be a good project to lead, but with the way they are I will need to get again, accustomed to their united Law, there is no sense of leadership, sisters work circular rather than in pyramids. With that, I hope it will inspire me to come back and write for TRACOM towards my second lesson i'd like to develop."

"I will however write a few side papers for my own notes. My first paper will be about Starfleet Logistics Corps. May be it with the collected data I may donate it, if and when I feel ready, but for now, it's my own references. Picking up small projects for my own use tends to make me happier on the inside. At the moment my head is splitting between my own faith and just going plain crazy. May be knowing i'm crazy means, i'm not crazy at all, that I just have a foggy path and i'm rushing to get to the end and not biding my time for clearance. Who knows?"

She breaks for a moment.

"Anyway, I hope this mini half hap-hazard break will do me good and put me in a refreshed direction for when I come back to full duty"

She called to the computer to end log, save and file.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Evergreen sat down to her dining table she had eaten a pasta carbonara meal that she made for herself and turned to look at the old fashioned clock she had hanging up. She was waiting for her daughter, Jenn, who should be arriving on the next transport to Tranquility. She typed a message on her padd to the carer which when she had a snotty message back, Evergreen pushed the padd away.

She called to the computer to begin her log to begin the recording.

"Today is not a great day for me. A carer has been in contact with me in taking care of my eight year old daughter and she is not doing as i have instructed, more to that, my being on the Goddard is an issue and will" she sighed, its "cost me extra. If it's not that my dad sent Jenn to a school away from me, or that I have very little support being a single mother. I feel this place is just testing. Because of what i'm going through, I do my shift and that is all. I talk to my XO a little, she's the only one i've pretty much allowed in my life so far."
She began tapping her finger tips on the table cloth feeling anxious.

"Talas seems to have recovered well from when we crash landed. I'm glad I was able to think quick on my feet and find a away to link and boost power within the shuttle to be able to use the transporter and get her treated in the Goddards sickbay. My knee has also fully recovered from being dislocated on impact."

"I have had more of an urge to get to Tranquility. To have this mission wrapped up because I have very limited tieme to spend with jenn and I can't have her trip wasted and for that it does become a burden on me. Dad has already said my place is home, raising a family with a husband and that time is ticking away. To be honest, he is right. He's been right about a lot of things of late and it is why i've sat back a little. I'm watching the world turn and i feel like an outsider looking through a key hole like i don't belong here. Months have passed and i can't even remember when i actually joined Starfleet, or even when i graduated. i have to really think and I don't... I don't want to think about things in the past, just my future is enough, it's something best aiming for."

Evergreen called to the computer to end her log and stamp with the date and time index.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Evergreen sits down to her table feeling quite angry and calls to the computer to begin her log.

"I do not like to record this, but I feel it is a must. Three comrades are standing to face a court marshal back at Pinastri for an incident that resulted into the loss of a shuttle and the circumstances surrounding that".

She flicks through the screen of her padd and uses another to mark points.

"I understand Federation Law and have got us out of scrapes where we need, but, this case is something testing. Security codes that go beyond bridge staff to the fact of commands view. To the point where evidence remains internal to the point of the Captain receiving messages, a senior member of staff turning through some apparent mind control... I hate mind control and anything to do, the only thing we have is John's synaptic recording after the events and only character behavior elimination prior. Johns rationality and discipline will be under severe testing and also the article into officer conduct under the Captains command, Will was understanding the orders he perceived and had discussed with Colonel Shran. Thus this incident is now probably comes into the examination of general order 15, whereas it states, no command officer or officer of flag rank should travel to any potentially hazardous areas without suitable armed escorts. The Captain received a written message, no visuals on an enemy being in front holding a hostile position, we pursued, the Captain and XO deployed themselves and not any other marine... So I doubt a marine XO and Chief of Ops qualifies as suitable armed escort. However, the bridge duties are still monitoring all internal communications and we will commence a full examination of the vessel as to tampering when we arrive back to Pinastri".

Evergreen heads for the replicator and asks for cold iced water and returns back placing the glass on her desk.

"I can't give hypothesis, or provide non factual evidence. I have asked for regression, the people involved are our witnesses in testament and also they are covered by the 12th guarantee which is not to self incriminate, so, I will try to dig deep in favour of finding some type of defense for my superiors. It's going to be a very difficult process and fact finding is like needles in a haystack so far".

She sighed, she was heard taking a gulp of water before saving and ending her log.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Evergreen shoots a call out to the computer to begin her personal log.

"Today i've felt a little better than on previous days, or even months even though i'm not totally at all happy, but i'm sure with the aid of my CO and XO, things will get a little more compromising. I can't talk indepth but I have informed my CO as to decisions rising as to consider leaving UFS, i've made a promise and it's down on my honour to keep what is said as spoken. I've wanted to know whether i've held a record with excellence in whether i would, if I chose to depart, would i come back with more energy as to what i'm currently feeling. So, I've spent my time relaxing on the holodeck when I haven't been on duty shift for a change to let the hefty decision be in reach to ferment in total decision .. and my yeoman duties i've taken as casually. Good news comes with excellence that the commanding team have been acquitted and are back to duty. Tranquility and the Goddard can resume normal activity".

Evergren asks the computer to time date and save her log entry.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Eevergreen sat back tapping an object on the table and called to the computer to begin her log.
"Ok. This is all on my mind. Pressures from home, shore leave or some solutions for Jenniisa for my ability to spend time with her amongst the incident that now leaves me feeling quite odd".

She sighed as she sat upright. "I have had concerns about my daughter in that time is spent figuring the beat options for Jenn. Defying father is not high on my list but she is my daughter. I so need this out of my mind. It hurts to feel that as a Chameloid species and on a list of extinction that I'm pushed in this manner or matter of responsibility. I want Jenn with me so i can watch her grow. I'm a capable mother and do not deserve her absence from me". She wiped a tear away from her face. "I hate having this play on my mind and is why I've resorted to try many relaxation themes besides my martial arts training I feel like I've endured so much since Genesis and coming to Pinastri with just wanting to enjoy life. But then there's this. I was told by the other girls when we had our marine festive gathering that the padd i was passed would show the type of man I found attractive and its one of those future stupid games. I fell for it being one of the last girls using it and to be quite honest, coaxed.. pushed in to it. I hadn't told the girls what i was already going through but Shaleen entered my name and asked me questions... after the questioning. .. I recognised the face of the man he is starfleet. That isn't all what was disturbing. Someone in this station has been receiving the information because i smashed this padd on purpose and the object in my hand right now is the transmitter. This person is walking around with information on whomever played the so called game and there is no adequate reasoning for all of this. No explanation and a girl got "handed" this padd. I have replicated parts of the padd, but not all of it can. I hope that there is no motive out of this, just some type of stupid market research".

Eve called to the computer to save the log.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Eve was sat on her couch, legs stretched out with her Personal Access Display Device on her lap as she drunk her replicated Raktajino. She was fumbling in revising the technical specs and layout of Tranquility, the power distribution network, communications network and the locations of STA's and other components.
"Computer start log and record"
After hearing the chime, Eve took her time in what she wanted to say on record.
"It's nice coming back and having and bit of R & R. I needed the space to get my mind together because I had felt quite torn apart inside. My professional edge slipped as well as having things been said which I thoroughly disagree with in terms of privacy and Human Rights. Talas had to work hard and the good fellow that she is, she persuaded me to come back, allowing hard feelings to settle. I know that coming back i'm having to show how I can show my flair. I've grown into a capable officer, but i'm feeling different, I do my best in type of a yeoman from operations to Tranquility Command in shuttling reports from all operations departments to them, I also add in my report for power management, I suppose it should sum up as a Resource Management, but people often get confused and automatically put that position in the head of being involved in Quartermastery, I can do that and help out the Crewmen assigned to that duty, but, i'm a technical and rather geeky, because I like to know whats around me.. and I know I do a great job in my specialist field, admittedly my reports could be more extensive, but I tend to cut out waffle."
Drinking her strong coffee she let it travel down her throat slowly taking in the taste against various areas of her tastebuds and stared in thought at the mug until she could offer something else.
"When I went away, I went out in the further reaches of Pinastri to commence some community service duties. I met this mature man, French decendancy who was very lonely. He was sat at the shuttle port looking confused, so I asked him what I could do to help. He first told me that he had been misdirected in that he was after the docks, so, we headed out and took a stroll where I knew the direction he wanted to go. Afterall, I was at that point assigned to the Marines and I ran the course weekly. Getting to the point, our talk carried on, his situation was a little like mine in what he had done or the trouble he felt that littered his mind from a complicated circumstance. It comes a point to a true reflection when you start understanding something that you don't understand that involve yourself. If I was to be asked about frustration and anxiety, i'd tell that person that the best way to resolve that feeling is to do a little support. Being able to speak to people allows reflection and a deep truth that may be hidden behind emotion that we as Mankind can be so blind to see. Ask yourself, "what can I do today that would make someone else happy?" I know I, since the start of the year have committed to a total of 7 happiness's because I speak well towards others and I do something different that I enjoy doing. Others may not believe, but belief is self, that self can do."
Reaching forward to the table at her right side she placed down the empty glass and lifted her left arm against the back of the sofa and hand rested to her head picking up her Personal Access Display Device once more to carry on with her reading she mumbled.
"Besides trying to experiment with a few floating ideas, I just want to know I can personally challenge myself to do better than what i've done in service before and just keep myself focused and a ball rolling for myself, enjoy what I do and ignore those who want to put me down. That's all I have for now, Computer end log and save."
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