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UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


2015.8.1 Personal Log: Ensign Apple
Closing my eyes for a few minutes, in the lounge at the Tranquility, I review the events of the past few weeks. Eye closed, thinking of the events of the past few weeks. An exploding monitor on the Menelaus exposed me to Ytterbium. Most individuals would have hardly noticed exposure to this element. For myself, a member of the little known subspecies of Human, called by the ancients Alchemists, this resulted in anaphylactic shock, and several days in a starbase sick bay.
And during those days, the Menelaus encountered an anomaly in space, and disappeared.
Tears come to my eyes, thinking of my friends, hoping they are safe. At best, they are far from home, away from family. At worst-Shuddering trying not to think about it.
Opening my eyes, my hunger finally take precedence over thought of the loss of my friends. Watching another officer order food with the replicator, I shudder again. For although the food looks and tastes the same food grown on a farm, it still lacks many important aspects of food grown on the farm.
However, Alchemists have other choices. Alchemists are skill in transforming and creating. Concentrating, an apple appears in my hand. And not just a normal apple, but an apple with special properties.
But that is a tale for another day.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Personal Log, Stardate 20150802

Relaxing, after my shift, I felt the water cascade down my chest, tickling and soothing. My mind drifts to the past. I am in a cave, below the Dew estate, in England. I am only 3 or 4, my mom present, encouraging me. In front of me, on a plinth table, a translucent cup, rough in shape glowed red. Close by, something shimmered. At first it was a lump of coal. Then a sheet of graphite. Then a sheet of something else. And for the briefest moments, it was a diamond.

"Apple, grab the pretty!"

Encouraged, I stumble forward, my dress long, and waited for the right moment, grabbing the diamond. As soon as my hand touched it, it stabilized, retaining the shape of a diamond.

My mom smiled, and grabbed me, giving me a hug. She then exclaimed to my dad "our daughter is an alchemist!"

~to be continued~
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Personal Log, Stardate 20150809

Feeling keyed up and restless from today's shift, I change into a black evening dress, and begin to wander the Starbase. The presence of increased security, and the explosion the rocked the Starbase, had the civilians on edge.

Wandering, with no destination in mind, I finally find myself at one my favorite shops, full of curios. The only negative is an annoying the thoroughly greedy Ferengi. As I arrive, he directing his unfortunate underlings to pack up and leave.

"The transport is only for myself and 100 kilos of belongings! Where will I put all of these things!" a Ferengi, frantic, can be an intriguing sight.

One of the curios has always captured my attention. A small twig or tree, translucent, with leaves hanging off its two branches. Its roots are thoroughly planted in millimeter sized pebbles, of different colors and consistencies. Surrounded by a transparent cylinder of trans aluminum, it is completely sealed from its environment. Did it glow for a moment?

Although the cylinder was only .5 meters in height, and .25 meters in diameter, it was heavy, close to 20 kilograms.

The Ferengi saw my interested and came over "you can have that for 10 bars of latinum! an excellent price for such a rare prize!"

Smiling at the Ferengi, and mention "leaving are you? And this, at 20 kilograms, will occupy a fifth of your belongings! You would almost need to leave it behind."

The Ferengi frowns at me "you were listening, weren't you? Very well, 5 bars of latinum."

Cocking an eyebrow, I say "1 bar and that is final."

"Fine, fine, give me my latinum and off with you!"

Smiling, I give the Ferengi his Latinum, and walk back to my quarters, the crystalline tree, tucked close to my bosom. Looking down, it seemed to glow again, for a brief moment. Maybe it is more than it seems?

Intrigued, I take the tree instead to my small lab, tucked into a corner of the Starbase. Sitting down, I study it, for a moment.

And then fatigue gets the best of me, and it is time for bed.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Personal Log/Experiment: Crystalline Tree 20150823

Sitting up, stretching, remembering the todays mission, saving an alien starship. I always enjoy meeting new people. Helping save them was a major perk.

Suddenly, an alarm sounds. Jumping in my seat, I read the Science Lab was exposed to 10,000 rads of gamma radiation.
Thankfully, the rest of the Tranquility was not effected. Quickly, my hands dancing on the controls, I check for any residual radiation. Gasping, I mutter, "No radiation? There should at least be background radiation" Checking confirms the exposure, as well as the absence of no radiation.

Taking care to follow the proper procedures, I enter the Science Lab.
The small crystalline tree sat proudly on the counter. An enigma. Nestled in a small cylinder of transparent aluminum, it is isolated from its Environment. Its roots, caressing pebbles, containing a variety of Earth elements.

Looking at it closely, I gasp. The tree had changed! A bud had formed, so small, but containing the potential. Is this crystalline tree alive?

Time to use the computer. "Computer, show me the video at the time of the radiation exposure, starting with 10 seconds prior to ending one minute after."

Computer: "Working."

The video sprang into view. After a few seconds, the tree suddenly glowed in iridescent light, which slowly dissipated. Focusing the screen, I can see the bud forming.

Setting up a program, to monitor background gamma radiation, and measuring the light frequencies emitted by the tree, I wander back to my quarters, thought focused on a small crystalline tree.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Personal Log/Experiment Crystalline Tree 20150919

Straightening my uniform, I hurry down the hallway. The my tiny lab was finally cleared of radiation!
Ever since the Tranquility suffered from Warp Core destabilization, flooding the area with radiation, with the subsequent evacuation, I have not been able to access my lab.

How did the Crystalline Tree fair? In the past, it seemed to drink up radiation, and grow. However, this was a warp core destabilization, containing radiation toxic to known life forms. Did it survive?

Worried, my pace quicken. Opening the door, I freeze.

In the center of my lab, the Crystalline tree sparkled. Iridescent colors, blues, purples, soft pinks, radiated from its branches. Branches?

There are now three branches!

Not only did the Crystalline Tree survive exposure to radiation from a Warp Core Destabilization, it thrived.

What kind of life form is this? And, more importantly, what environment would result in a life form such as this to evolve?

As though waking from a trance, I look at the computer, and remember the program. This program monitors radiation levels, as well as growth of the plant and light emitted.

Smiling, I ask 'Computer, access information from Program 3A5, Crystalline Tree. Show me the results. '

Computer replies "Working." hums and clicks "Data corrupted by radiation exposure"

Sighing, I ask "Can you recover the data?"

Computer: "Working. Data will be recoverable, however, recovery time will be 7 days."

Sighing I nod "begin, Computer. In addition, start Program 3A6, and start monitoring for radiation levels and any changes in the Crystalline Tree."

Smiling, I sit down, next to the Crystalline Tree, in its cylinder. After daydreaming, I find myself singing a pleasant song to the tree. Looking around, seeing no one is watching, I sing a bit longer, and then retire to my quarters.
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Personal Log 20150929

Smiling, enjoying my soft bed. The screen simulating warm sunrise, bathing my face with warmth. Nestled in, in the state between dreaming and day dreaming, reminiscing on the past.
Remembering the past.
Growing up in Dew Manor, outside London. Private tutors, for both a formal education, and education in the Mysteries of Alchemy.

Alchemists are a little known group of humans. They are born with the neuronal connections, allowing them to see the potential phases of matter, as well as the potential of living beings. Alchemists also have the potential ability to freeze matter into that phase. For example, transforming one allotrope to another, coal into diamonds.

However, these neuronal connections are quickly lost, pruned, if the child is not exposed to proper instruction, or more importantly, to the effects of a Philosophers Stone. Philosopher stones usually appear as a crude mineral lumps, glowing when exposed to the proper elements. Over the years, some artisans have been fashioned these lumps into various artistic shapes.

~to be continued~
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Experiment: Crystalline Tree

Blinking, I reviewed the data again. "No, that must be a mistake."
Whispering to the computer "coffee, black" I sit in an old, comfortable chair, over stuffed, more fitting to an 1800s library, than a modern laboratory.
Curled up, reading the data.
The tree emitted more light, when exposed to gamma radiation. The gamma radiation levels then quickly plummeted, even below the background level of radiation.
Even when exposed to a radioactive substance, such as Uranium, the levels of gamma radiation in the lab

Shaking my head, amazed "there should be some gamma radiation. The radiation would be emitted into different directions! And the light being emitted." Looking at the tree, I wondered "what kind of ecosystem are you from, where trees absorb gamma radiation, like Earth trees absorb sunlight, and grow, developing branches.."

Gasping, I notice "it that a flower forming?"

-to be continued-
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Experiment: Crystalline Tree, 1512202015

Over the last few days, the bud continued to grow, appearing very similar in shape and color to a budding Terran flower. The rudimentary foliage, a brilliant green, with a flower bud, a rudimentary inflorescence, of brilliant red. A bit of color, in an otherwise colorless crystalline tree.
I was able to extract a discarded leaf, from inside of the container. This process was intensive. First placing the cylinder in a container, filling it with an atmosphere simulating the atmosphere inside the container, and then making a small incision on the container. I took the opportunity to , involving an incision on the outside of the container. After removing the leaf, I took the opportunity to add 500 grams of pebbles, of various elements, similar to the pebbles currently in the container. Finally, the cylinder was sealed.
The leaf was sealed inside of a small container, careful to avoid contaminating the surrounding air, as well as the tree itself.
Smiling, excited. I can finally actively scan a part of the tree! Discarded of course, but part of the tree!

~to be continued~
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Duty Log, 20160221

As a rule, new ships seem to lack personality, waiting for people to impress their personalities onto the ship.
The Tranquility's new ship is the exception to that rule.
Perched at the Starbase, the stars glistening off its skin, the ship's proud frame seems ready to leap upon prey. To strike fear in the hearts of the enemies of the Federation, or those that disregard the laws, for their own personal gain.

Carrying the crew of the Tranquility, the ship leaped into action, gliding smoothly into warp, its engines wanting free reign, to move faster and faster, like a proud stallion. It is approached an errant shuttle, adrift in a far star system, a scene of a tragedy, it seemed to bow its head, in reverence to the departed, and then eyes seem to glisten, promising vengence.

Inside, a young trill, her body telling the tale of a hard life, of slavery, and a life cut short by violence. An Orion and Trill, apparently mercenaries, beaten to death. An Orion Enforcer, his life of crime, ended, one piece at a time.

And the blood of a proud mother, small enough to show her injuries were minor, but enough to provide a clue.

The perpetrator, attempting to cover the evil deeds, and only partially successful. For there are always clues, and always a trail.

For it is only a matter of time, before the perpetrator is brought to justice.

~to be continued~
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Duty Log:

Mission: Changing orbit

After weeks of preparation, the SS Tranquility was ready to migrate to its new nesting place.
Near the asteroid belt, to help with exploration and to help protect and encourage commerce.
A proper nesting place for a Starbase.

However, moving a starbase is nothing like moving a starship. Perhaps it is due to its enormous size and weight. Perhaps the quality of the components is not as high as that in a starship. Perhaps it is do to various additions over the years.

But in any case, it can be a hazardous task.

The tugs are in place and we started to move.

The starbase started to creak, and shudder, in protest, as it leaves the warm comfort of its current orbit. With Inertial stabilizers strained to the maximum, as the starbase slowly left orbit.

Sudden decompression occurs, resulting in the loss of two crew. Sighing, a moment of silence, as we identify the cause, to prevent recurrence.

Otherwise, just the usual noise. A small magnetic storm. A small interspacial rift. Both easily avoided.

Oh! and the crystal tree is forming a seed! I am already preparing a cylinder, with the appropriate soil and atmosphere for it.

Good Luck and have a great weekend, everyone...

Lt Apple
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