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Tranquility Station RP Planning Meeting 120415

Posted: 120419.1743
by Cordelia Trafalgar
Tranquility Station Planning Meeting
120415, 1900 SLT
Participants: Tallanor Rasmuson, Siobhan Crystal, Cordelia Trafalgar, Mikael Blessed

General Reports:
Cdr. Rasmusson
-Has finalized list of personnel necessary to be replaced.
-Will work on a site for posting of materials such as meeting minutes.

RP Developments:
-Hopefully will incorporate opportunities to get station crew off-station somewhat.
-Discussion of storyline under development, Siobhan Crystal primary writer/developer.
-Discussion of RP mechanics determined freedom in RP is a chapter value.
-Division heads to act as coordinators in RP
-Siobhan Crystal to send out a scenario in the next week for members to peruse.

JarJar Binks Status:
-Red shirt
-Red shirt with target painted on.