Teanquility Station Staff Meeting Minutes , 120412

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Cordelia Trafalgar
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Tranquility Station Staff Meeting
120412, 1900 SLT
Attendees: Thallanor Rasmuson, Mikael Blessed, Cordelia Trafalgar, Siobhan Crystal, Kia Nali Spad

General Chapter Issues
-Thallanor suggests the creation of a clear vision for the Chapter
-Suggested creation of Mission Statement and goal setting

Scheduling Issues
-Current schedule for events on Tranquility, Sunday 1300 SLT.
-Thallanor suggests keeping it on Sunday but proposes a change of time.
-Sunday, 1600 SLT tentatively accepted until more preferences can be gathered among the active membership.
-Next RP Sunday 120415, 1900SLT

Recordkeeping Issues
-Updated roster necessary
-Wiki updates necessary

-RP storyline to take members off station more
-longterm RP goal for us involves the Delta Flyer, though with more staff, that might be changed to the Cheyenne, our Defiant-class.
-Question proposed of method of conducting RP
-Recommendation: Any ship that docks at the station may join RP, allowing their crew to take a break while some members get to RP, and filling our missing spots with substitutes.
-One or two social events per week
-Mikael offers his services as bartender
-Cordelia offers her services as DJ

Communication Issues
-Discussed importance of making every effort to ensure the membership knows when things are happening
-Suggested establishment of clearly defined meeting times with agendas pre-defined and adhered to.
-Suggestion adopted of clearly indicating participating and non-participating members in meeting agenda
-Suggested important: Avenues for absent members to received information on upcoming and past events
-Suggested set up meeting agendas on a Google Doc, where departments could add their part in their section
-Suggested "planning meetings" once a week over the next month to alternate with some pure brainstorming sessions. Then at the end of the month we can get together and hash out some plans of action for the things we have discussed.
-Mikael Blessed to handle announcement of upcoming meetings and compilation of agenda, accepting suggestions from Captain and membership via notecard, with any questions about editing or mishandling of material coming to the Captain
-Cordelia Trafalgar volunteers to compile and distribute minutes to membership via inworld notecards and forum.

-Some crew to be assigned off-station
-Upcoming replacement of inactive staff
-Mikael Blessed appointed Acting Head of Operations
-Cordelia Trafalgar appointed Acting Head of Science
-Emphasized Acting Heads' ability to send group notices to enhance communication efforts
-PCS Orders cut for Christian Forsythe
-Thallanor suggests Acting positions becoming full-time placements within 30 days
-Suggestion of definite timeframe chosen in which to establish active and non-active members
-Engineering has most vacancies
-Discussed discouragement felt by some members when their superior officers are consistently absent and inactive as a major concern, as well as the inability of subordinate officers to take action on things that need to be done, when the CO is not active
-Suggested: Every head trains their own replacement. The replacement gets the same powers at a certain point so that there is always an acting officer available. THose who fall behind get put on the "substitute list" and can step in when the primary mover and shaker has to be absent, if you will.
-Offline IM sent to Cheyenne giving her 1 week to respond as CMO
-Suggestion: clear cut division, just for our chapter, between the duties their character is responsible for, and the duties they as a chapter member are responsible for

Membership/Recruitment Issues
-Suggested cultivating civilian population to add depth and flavor to the station setting
-Siobhan contaced Nick Balewrs and discovers few non-comms and civilians. Both will be welcomed

Divisional Issues
-Suggestion of arranging crew physical exams
-Suggested regular Security patrols in light of several "unauthorized" objects and prims found lying around. Suspicious items to be reported to Siobhan Crystal

Next meeting Thursday, 120419, 1900 SLT
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