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*Lan lays in his bed, clearly having a disturbing dream. He tosses and turns, growling occasionally, for about 15 minutes before bolting upright panting, calming himself down and getting out of the bed to get himself something to calm his nerves from the replicator. He sits at his desk and slurps at the steamy mug for another few minutes before speaking to the computer.*

Computer, Begin Personal Log Entry.

I... I had that dream again... Not that it's been log worthy... but still...

I'm on a ship, I don't know which one, but judging from the interior design it's most likely Defiant. I wake up in a bunk bed in quarters, there's a red flashing light, and a red alert klaxon... The ship seemingly has been disabled and structural integrity has been compromised, as there are support beams and ODN cables hanging and sparking from the ceilings... I cough as there's smoke, and fires all around me. I try to hit my commbadge and ask anyone whats going on only to get static. I... I try to get to the bridge, I'm on deck 2... then I come across something... The best I can describe it is as a phantom. A sickly looking white wispy creature... I see one of my friends laying on the ground, dead, and the creature hovering over them, absorbing some form of energy from them... I growl out at it, but it floats away... I hear another warning... It's the computer's voice... it speaks out in it's nearly monotonous tone indicating a warp core breech in progress, then I wake up...

*Lan shakes his head rubbing his eyes before continuing.*

I haven't the slightest idea what it means... I tried flipping through the computer to figure out what the creature is, but so far I've not gotten anything. Of course why would I... it's just a dream isn't it? Still... I have an odd feeling the ship is the Cheyenne... I'll have to go over and have a look around...

*Lan gets up and heads to his wardrobe to get dressed*

I think i'll go have a look now... Computer End log and save.
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