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160615 - "Solving the Data"

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John Aries
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


United Federation Starfleet
Mission Report
S.S Tranquility

<Acting Executive Officer> Report Log
Stardate: 160615
Report submitted by: grooveshark101 Resident
Subject: Tranquility Mission Report
Executive Officers Log, Stardate 1606115.0916

Revelations of the data revealed startling findings for what was downloaded. This unknown species has seemingly been observing us for many years if not longer. Dating back to even before the arrival of starfleet and beyond voyagers travel thru the quadrant this entire network of vast observation systems has tied thru the entire delta quadrant from what we seem to think is even before the borg had even begun to establish dominance in the quadrant. The data pulled has revealed there stealth and other technology renders them invisible by all means to any race including the borg. Schematics of the basic vessel which is a document recovered shows these ships made out of almost bendable type metallic substance which can render there vessel nonexistent to any sensor or eye. We only were able to translate minor data chunks due to errors which rendered the information unreadable.

The Crew has looked over this and have come to the conclusion even with the data we must mount a return mission to the planet where the base was and review further data and of if this was a major post or simply a outdated place which in tern lead to a malfunction which revealed a outpost exposing themselves or was this something more? We re set to return for further study after intense review.

End Report :voyager:

Report submitted by: <Johnathan Wesley Aries>
< Acting Executive > Officer
SS Tranquility
John Aries
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


SS Tranquility
Attendance Roster
"Solving the Data" Role-play 160615


CO: Wolfton Foulsbane
XO: Johnathan Aries




Guest: Ariel Stokes (ariel.arrowmint)
Guest: Ken Stokes

Guest:Acqua Dallan (isis.gaelyth)
John Aries
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian



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