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160609 - "The Planet of the Enemy"

Posted: 160609.1423
by John Aries
United Federation Starfleet
Mission Report
S.S Tranquility

<Acting Executive Officer> Report Log
Stardate: 160609
Report submitted by: grooveshark101 Resident
Subject: Tranquility Mission Report
Executive Officers Log, Stardate 160609.0919

After Returning from Queue getting a new assignment as the new XO. New thing hold in sight for the station marking almost a year on tranquility. Upon return the Shuttle had been being tracked by a unknown source. Briefing the crew for the mission and preparation we began to wonder who was it that was tracking us. We had prepared a runabout which was docked in the Docking Bay for departure. After preparing to depart we boarded the 2 runabouts and dispatched to go to the source to attempt to figure out whom it was that was tracking us. We found the source to be a near by system which appeared to have a shielded part of the planet from scans. We beamed down to find a army waiting for us forcing us to take cover from the enemy fire. Lucky to have doctors with us aboard we managed to fight our way thru and discover a alien sub level built into the mountain. We proceeded down into the bunker to discover a entire monitoring system which seems to have been watching most of the sector. The only reason we had detected there base was it seems the thing tracking us had been damaged by something. This planet seems to have been tracking every major movement in the sector for quite a while. After downloading the database the self destruct was set off and we had to run but only were to be confronted with alien forces waiting out front forcing us to battle out as they attempted to abduct us.

After narrowly escaping we returned to the station to download and examine the chunk of data collected.

End Report :voyager:

Report submitted by: <Johnathan Wesley Aries>
< Acting Executive > Officer
SS Tranquility

Mission Attendance Record

Posted: 160609.1436
by John Aries
SS Tranquility
Attendance Log
CO Wolfton Foulsbane
XO Johnathan Wesley Aries

Ken Stokes
Ariel Stokes (ariel.arrowmint)

Acqua Dallan (isis.gaelyth)


Karl Flo (karlflo)

Josh40787 Eun

Stormchyld2 Resident
Lizzy Gracemount

Weekly RP will change Effective 06\15\2016 to 8:00pm SLT - 9:30pm SLT upon vote of crew

Roleplay Photos

Posted: 160609.1448
by John Aries
SS Tranquility
RP Photos