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160306 - Revenge for Relos

Posted: 160314.2131
by Jamie Czavicevic
United Federation Starfleet
SS Tranquility
SS 001
=A= XO's Log =A=
Capt. Talas Shran(Jamie Czavicevic) Recording

== Prelude ==

XO's Log:

Stardate: 160221

Alert Status: Green

we are back home on tranquility trying to make sense of these murders and why Ms Kalon is missing. I have ops and security pulling records and trying to piece together what happened on that shuttle..

**there is a door chime and muffled voices then an explosion as the voice feed cuts out**


In service
Capt. Talas Shran(Jamie Czavicevic)
XO SS Tranquility

Re: 160306 - Revenge for Relos

Posted: 160314.2202
by Jamie Czavicevic
Crew Manifest
CO Capt Wolfton Foulsbane
XO Capt Talas Shran(Jamie Czavicevic)

Chief of Security Cmdr Miumiu Zepp
Security Officer Lt JG Talon Silvercloud

Operations Officer Lt JG Evergreen Moss

Intellegnece Officer Ens Talena Constantine