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160131 - Island Shopping

Posted: 160314.2040
by Wolfton Foulsbane
Reporting Officer - LT Apple
Captain Will Thrasher
Captain Talas Shran
Lt Commander Greymoon
Lt Talon Silvercloud
Lt Apple

We have received word that the USS Maxwell is on its way back for repairs from damage suffered during battle with some rogue Romulan ship

We are planning on exploring Pinastri V is a water planet, inside our main system. Approximately 90% of its surface area is water. There are small land masses, which are utilized for bases. The majority of the water's consistency is similar to that of Earth. The equator is a balmy 30C, while the poles are a frigid 40 to 50 below C.

The life forms appear to use Hemoglobin, similar to Earths, rather than the ceruloglobin (copper based), found in Vulcans and Romulans.

There appears to be mammalian life forms as well as crustaceans. However, much of the planet is unexplored.
More specifically, there are cephalopods, similar to the Earth Squid, on that planet. We don't have any evidence of giant cephalopods. There are also whales, and fish similar to the electric eels.

There is an Island, in the Northern Hemisphere which would be ideal for investigation. Excellent weather pattern, with a deep ocean close by, and no volcanic activity.

We launched a probe into that area.