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Explosive Cargo - Impromptu Mission Report 150608

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John Aries
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UFS Civilian
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United Federation Starfleet
Mission Report
S.S Tranquility

<2nd Officers> Report Log
Stardate: 150608
Report submitted by: grooveshark101 Resident
Subject: Tranquility Mission Report
2nd Officers Log, Stardate 150608.1334

The day begin like any other Jean ,Data , Miu and I we're in operation doing duty service hours when suddenly a freighter was not a approach to drop off cargo for tranquility we then began prepping and preparing for his arrival. They were inbound to deliver some orders for tranquility and pinastri, at the schedule stop on their manifest. We then scanned them and detected unusual energy signature cargo of nature. This than let us believe that they were hauling more than just a ore. Then proceeded to organize the boarding party to board freighter, after some intense investigation into their hauling we then proceeded to beam out to the frigate. We were met with the great hostility as a ferengi :ferengiship: had not like the fact that we had beamed for the freighter. They then opened fire on us being then we outnumber them we took over the freighter. After taking over the freighter we hacked into the database and gather their information on the cargo the nature of the cargo was still remain unlisted we were unable to gather any more info then It seems that they had booby-trapped their ship. As it began to release cargo we frantically notice the air lot behind us extending and preparing to open. After the ship started to begin firing on the station emergency evacuated the freighter and we've been safely beamed back to the station early before it exploded in a fury. After making it safely back we then went back to operations to see if we can find any trace of the cargo was pieces of the freighter began to bounce off hull. We were quite frantic in our efforts to find the nature other cargo. It seems that they are probably carrying explosives as the explosion of the frigate was greater then and warp core. We are still investigating :tngtricorder: us what their intention was but we will keep everybody up-to-date on what really happened with the freighter.

End Report :voyager:

Report submitted by: <Johnathan Wesley Aries>
< 2nd Officer > Officer
SS Tranquility

Photos of RP:

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