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Cold Days Ahead - Mission Prelude 150602

Posted: 150602.2135
by John Aries
Planet Report Stardate 150525


Name: FGZ-684

Class: L Class

Atmosphere: Oxygen/Argon

Temp: Average Location Temp of Survey Team -30 Below F

Details: Planet Composed of Ice on Exterior. It is Thought Liquid water to be present on planet in core. Survey Team of USS Bravon Logged possible habitation below ice. Note Log remains of possible former habitation may be present in Northern Hemisphere of Planet no further scans shown. Log Scans Data File BNCV54 Log Entry, Team Reports departure and unable to continue further scanning, Information collected shows possible cavern formation under planet.

Assignment note: Tranquility to dispatch Team Via runabout course to planet at range of 10 hour travel to reach location point arrival determined at next day. Team to Examine and Review Bravon Logs and determine further research on planet surface to explore possible cavern.

Planet Image file


Join us this Sunday 11am-1pm SLT to find out what waits us inside the planet and what may happen!

Re: Cold Days Ahead - Mission Prelude 150602

Posted: 150604.1537
by John Aries
*Incoming Packet*
Stardate: 150604
Sender: John Aries, 2nd Officer
To: All Crew

Begin Log

~Notice Crew be prepared to depart Saturday 5pm for Arrival to FGZ-684 by Sunday 11am. Please Note Images below taken by Probe landed this of morning. Inside Image dated Bravon Expedition.


Status of Compound: Unknown

Ground Conditions: -40 Average Air 50% Oxygen 40% Argon 10% Mixed

Runabout Status: Prepared and set for departure

Note: No RP Saturday only a background memo

END PACKET :voyager: