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Sabatuer in the Mist - Mission Prelude Report 150520

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John Aries
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UFS Civilian
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ENS Frey: Frey to Chief Thyrop

LTCMDR Thyrop: This is Thyrop

ENS Frey: Can you check the warp core output I am reading a high variance in the Plasmatic Output.

LTCMDR Thyrop: Frey readout show normal there is no one on duty for repair in that section are you sure you are reading properly

ENS Frey: Yes Sir, I am showing a high variance in the output. I will go check and see what is causing it sir.

LT CMDR Thyrop: Understood

**Scene goes to the Ensign Opening the large Panel door to the warp chamber conduit and proceeds in not knowing behind him a person closes the chamber door and the Ensign then becomes trapped into the shutdown chamber. Yelling for help but not heard unable to use his combadge the person outside then turns the chamber on as the ensign screams as only a church mouse peep is heard from outside**

Unknown Subject Raises LTCMDR Thyrop Mimicking Frey's voice

Sabateur: LTCMDR this is Frey everything checks out no variance is on my readings

LTCMDR Thyrop: Understood is everything alright Frey you sound a bit different.

Sabateur: Umm, Nothing is wrong sir perhaps I should take a week on Pinastri for some rest sir I've been a bit down about something.

LTCMDR Thryop: Granted Frey go get some R&R


Join the Roleplay This weekend 2-4 SLT Sunday to figure out whom the Sabateur is and what it is he has done that will effect the station and the crew! Miss the RP? Want to Find out what Happened? Check out the After Mission Log Posted here on Monday! Including fun Photos and Details of what currently happened to Ensign Frey for Star Trek: Tranquility "The Mystery of Sabotage"

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Johnathan Wesley Aries

RP Sunday 2-4pm Arrive by 1:50 for Breifing!

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