120425 - USS Sheppard - Drydock

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Hanna Kestrel


The USS Sheppard, still birthed at Slip Two-Beta in DryDock facilities prepared to undergo final testing and system initializations in preparation for her retrofit shakedown cruise. Aside from minor equipment and mission supplies, all systems have been installed by the engineering teams.


=/\= Orders from Chief of Starfleet Operations =/\=

USS Sheppard is to depart from SS Helmut Kohl, and set your course for traversing the Pinastri Solar System at impulse speeds, while completing a variety of tests on your systems. Once completed, return immediately to spacedock and provide detailed functionality reports to the Chief of the Dock so that system refinements to your vessel can be completed prior to actual launch.

Starfleet out.
Hanna Kestrel




Commanding Officer - CAPT Hanna Kestrel

Chief Operations Officer - LT CMDR Josie Sauber
Junior Engineering Officer - ENS Ejjarufaf OHare
Junior Flight Control Officer - ACTING ENS Ji'Loca Sin (Taco Darkmatter)


Science Officer - LT Araulya Coronet
Hanna Kestrel


United Federation Starfleet
USS SHeppard - Captain Hanna Kestrel
=/\= Official Mission Summary =/\=

At 1830 hours, the USS Sheppard acting on orders from her Captain, initializes her power systems, and preparing for departure from SS Helmut Kohl, with the new Acting Ensign at the Conn. There orders we're to traverse the entire solar system at impulse power. The Sheppard immediately set course for the furthest planet in the system; Pinastri Eight. After thirty minutes at half impulse, the Sheppard arrived at their destination, entering a standard parking orbit around Pinastri Eight. Captain Kestrel gave the order to Commander Sauber to prepare to deploy three sensor probes in order to test the probes, the sensors, the launching system as well as the telemetry link between the Sheppard's computers and the probes themselves, however, they never got the chance.

At 1924 hours, the USS Sheppard received a priority signal from Starfleet Command, informing them that Starfleet has received a priority distress beacon from the Starship Potempkin, an Excalibur class starship. Despite the Sheppard being severely under-manned, under-supplies, and half her secondary systems, not even installed yet... She was the closest Federation Starship, and thus was ordered to proceed to Grid 003-Delta in the Midgar Sector at best speed to investigate the situation and render any needed assistance. After receiving new orders, the Sheppard set course for the coordinates of the Potempkin's distress call at maximum warp.

Upon arriving at their destination, the Sheppard dropped out of warp, and went to yellow alert readiness. Sensors only detected unknown weapons fire and debris. Most sections we're opened to space, however the Potempkin's Engineering Section was still intact and had atmosphere. Captain Kestrel led the away team with Commander Sauber, Lieutenant Coronet and Ensign OHare, leaving Ensign Sin in command. Due to the fact that the Potempkin's Structural Integrity was beyond impared, tractoring the ship back to Pinastri was out of the question. Eventally, the away team was able to beam out the computer core of the Potempkin, then they returned to the Sheppard.

Shortly after returning to the Sheppard, Engineering informed the Bridge that the Computer Core had been secured in the Cargo Bay. Captian Kestrel ordered that the remains of the Potempkin be destroyed. Following the Potempkin's destruction, Ensign Sin was ordered to lay in a course for the Pinastri System at Warp 5...

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