120219 - USS Sheppard - Ship Shape

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mulgrave Dwi
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
NCC 74769
=A= Captains Log =A=
Captain Mulgrave Dwi

**Captain Dwi rolls over in her sleep, muttering somthing incomprehensible as she does**

"....... Lieutenant Dwi we have a go the captain says its not to late to pull out..."

Looks over at the commander waiting by the transporter terminal and holding up a small device and says "not today commander, we will make it safe down there and you guys can mop up"

The commander looks over at the fresh faced Lt Dwi and chief petty officer Delany as they disintegrate into the transporter beam

They appear in a dark corridor crates stacked down ones side and a light flickering in the distance, CPO Delany flicks out a tricorder scanning the area and nods in the direction of the flickering light. Holding her phaser rifle up the Lt walks down the corridor quietly marking the position of the crates and the closed doors as she goes, moving around a turn in the corridor her and the chief stop before a sealed door, setting his rifle down the chief detaches a small probe from the tricorder and begins stripping the door control, after a few minutes the door swishes open and they both enter.

They move deeper into the room crates filling the sides nothing but dust and one flickering console in the center of the room, approaching the console the Lt starts looking it over the chief covering the entrance they just entered in and mutters "i would expect atleast someone down here Ma'am". Looking over to the chief "keep your eyes on the door chief, this will only take a few minutes and then we can get our people out safe and sound".

The Lt starts accessing the console and then inserts a device into the console data port and the screen starts scrolling with data, as it compiles she looks around and frowns at the chiefs comment she begins reaching for her own tricorder,,,, **Beep beep** lookin down the Lt sees the the program complete activating the subroutine for the computer virus tapping her commbadge twice it sends an encrypted comms to the ship informing signaling the completion of this part of the plan.

"Its done chief lets get out of here" LT Dwi spins around as she hears the door swish and then a bright flash of light......

**Captain Dwi stuggles with her bed sheets before finally settling down**

Mulgrave sits on her bar stool slowly drinking her way into oblivion, the busy bar around her carrying on as normal, she hears someone walk up behind her the boots of two security guards in tow, glancing to her side she sees a tall blonde haired Lt Commander staring straight at her "I said no sheri",,,,,,, the Lt commander sits in the now vacant stool beside Mulgrave and allows several minutes to pass before speaking her australian accent betraying her origins she says "You have been on leave for nearly three months now Mul, things are,,, heating up, we need you back at headquarters.... i need you back at head quarters **putting a hand on Muls forarm she continues** I understand you made a mistake but you are still a good officer dont let this eat you up inside, please reconsider,,, you know where i am" the Lt Commander vacates the stool and mul listens as the boots of the two security officers recede behind her.

**The captain wakes up and walks over to her desk clicking on the console**

"Computer begin recording Captains Log stardate 120219,

We are still continuing to follow our thieves, it seems they possess some very fast engines and the small time we had to spend waiting for the warp core repairs have meant they have a lead on us, we think we have them on long range sensors but at our respective speeds it may still take us several days to catch them. Im the meantime i have set a number of drills for the crew, somthing to keep their minds off of the events of the past few weeks and to keep them sharp.

Computer End log


In Service
Captain Mulgrave Dwi

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