120212 - USS Sheppard - Space cowboys and indians

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mulgrave Dwi
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
NCC 74769
=A= Captains Log =A=
Captain Mulgrave Dwi

Stardate: 120212.
Location: Unknown,
Alert Status: Green

Its been a week since we took down Meklar and hopefully put an end to the seekers of the light, from her account during the battle we didnt stop her from sending the ascention device into our time stream and starting this whole thing off,,, but we did stop them from starting a supernova, or their "light" as meklar liked to call it, hopefully history will record the seekers as little more than a minor religious sect waiting for a celestial event that never happened.

What this means for us however is that we are still stuck in the future, the chenae modifications that allowed us to make the jump did not make it through the subsequent battle, we are here to stay unless we can find another way home,, science estimates we are still hundreds of years in the future so we are left with a choice we can continue to look for a way home, we can try and find what is left of the federation or we can find a new home and a new life. It is a tough choice and one i will admit i did not think i would have to make, i have taken to reviewing the logs of Captain Janeway to give me inspiration and guidence as to keep this crew together so far from home.

=^= Bridge to captain Dwi, we have detected somthing unusual on sensors you might want to come and have a look Ma'am =^=

=^= On my way, Dwi out =^=

Computer end log


In Service
Captain Mulgrave Dwi
Jess Hamelin
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian



Commanding Officer - CAPT Mulgrave Dwi
Executive Officer - CMDR Jess Hamelin

Chief of Security - CMDR Cordova Marabana
Acting Vice Chief of Security - LT Kalenna Krupinski

Vice Chief of OPS - LTCMDR Rich Lombardia
Ops Officer - LTjg Melisa Ellison
Ops Officer - ENS Oaksi

Acting Chief Science Officer - LT Araulya Coronet

Chief of Engineering - LTCMDR Alex Zapatero

Guest Starring

Security Officer - ENS Tyr
mulgrave Dwi
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
NCC 74769
=^= Operations Log =^=
Location: Unknown

Operations log, Stardate: 120212

When I arrived on the Bridge there was a strange biologic detected. The Sheppard went closer to investigate and found a "heard" of these creatures some how existing in space. While investigating, one of the creatures came to investigate the Sheppard and decided to make a home inside our main deflector housing causing power drains and fluctuations through the ship. Commander Hamelin was sent with a team to investigate and later confirmed this.
We needed to find a way to get he creature out of the ship. Several ideas were suggested including using a probe with the same "language" the creatures were detected using, detonating a warhead further off to attract them since it was believed they were detected and feeding off our energy. A third option was to flood the deflector housing with neutrons.
While putting plans in motion an unknown ship appeared and eventually contacted us. They were some kind of space cowboys and this was their herd. The Captain named Festerson Platts accused us of being thieves and said he would only help us in exchange for technology. When Captain Dwi refused the ship emitted some kind of signal and passed through the herd, which was now surrounding us and several latched on, with no problems.
At some point while we were attempting to get the creature out of the deflector housing several items went missing including our secondary computer core. A combination of the neutron and the alien signal managed to be used to rid the Sheppard of the creatures. Due to damages were only had limited warp drive and set off to find the real thieves. I organized an inventory check through out the ship to see what was taken, LT. Ellison and Ensign Oaksi were each given a team and we divided up the ship. We found the following items not aboard;

Secondary Computer Core
2 Quantum torpedoes
Phaser components
2 industrial replicators
2 crates of critical component spare parts
4 spare food replicators
1 crate of medical supplies
1 crate of space suits
1 crate of "waste" that was being stored while recyclers were down
6 crates of field rations
1 crate of data pads, computer terminals and tricorders

Lt. Commander Rich Lombardia

To: Lt. Commander Rich Lombardia, Assist. Chief of Operations
CC: Lt Commander April Coswel, Chief of Operations
From: Ens. Oaksi, Operations Officer

We were observing some type of energy creatures from a distance. Science was having lots of interesting work, but things were pretty quiet in Ops. I did pick up a rather unusual sound on local comms.. a high pitched whine. I believe it was coming from the creatures.

At some point the creatures noticed us and approached our ship. This caused a lot of energy fluctuations. One of them attached to our hull, brought through it and extended a tendril into the deflector room. Even though power was cut to the deflector, it seemed to use that to draw energy from the ship and feed of of it.

Another space ship approached us and accused us of trying to steal their heard. The captain tried to explain she was not stealing and to ask for assistance removing the creatures from our hull. The aliens said they did not believe her and decided to leave us to the “mercy” of their creatures.

We tried various things, including rerouteing power, using a probe that emitted the same sound they were making, etc. I suggested bathing them in neutrons in hopes of neutralizing/weakening them, and spent most of the rest of the shift preparing a neutron bath. However, when it was deployed, it had no effect.

However, tactical discovered that the creatures do not like being shot, and we used weapons to get the creatures away from the ship. Then we used the probe to draw them to some warheads. We detonated the warheads, and the resulting explosions was like “food” to them. They went into a feeding frenzy, and stopped paying attention to us. We used the distraction to move away from them. Once we were safely away, we restored power to the critical systems.

Ops Report by Lt. Ellison
I started off at my shift at the helm. Things had been thankfully quiet while the crew was working to bring the ship back in complete working order. Of course, that didn't last long.

Sensors picked up a pack of non-cataloged lifeforms. They were moving together in a herd, not too dissimilar from Earth's cattle. The captain asked that I take us around the pack as Lt. Coronet did sensor scans for cataloging and analysis. I maneuvered around the herd of what became affectionately known as "space cows". Granted, the next events would prove that they weren't so cute and cuddly.

At about my second circling of the group, one of the creatures began charging towards us. Immediately, I widened our perimeter to keep us away from what might be an aggressive action. At the captain's request, I then took us out of the circular pattern, and tried to put as much space between the creature and ourselves. It wasn't quite enough, though, as the creature pushed forward, and without our warp drive, I couldn't pull away at full impulse.

The creature caught up, and attached itself to our hull. From there, I tried to put more space between us and the herd, in case the same might happen with another of the pack. In a desperate move, I even tried to shake the "cow" from us. Our escape attempt wasn't enough, though, as the rest of the herd came after us, and began forming a barrier preventing further movement. I was forced to come to a full stop.

During that time, two more fo those "space cows" made their way to the ship, attaching themselves. A number of the officers went down to the deflector array to see if they could get them detached, as they were feeding on our power, and affecting our systems. The captain even attempted to garner assistance from a ship, whose captain was presumably had a means of controlling the herd. That didn't work out so well. Thankfully, with our minds put together, we managed to find a way through the creatures surrounding us, and remove them from our ship.

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