111215 - USS Sheppard - Out like a light (christmass special

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mulgrave Dwi


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
NCC 74769
=A= Captains log =A=
Captain Mulgrave Dwi

**The captain walks along a half lit corridor with swirling colour patterns decorating the wall, holding a PADD in one hand she speaks**

"Captains Log stardate.... unknown,,,, location,,, unknown onboard a damaged chenae vessel, we have been here for two weeks now soon after we was deposited into normal space the majority of this ships systems just shut down, all we have is minimal lighting and the automated transport system we are currently living out of the shuttles and trying to get some life out of this station....

**the captain pauses pulls out her tricorder then kneels down to open a panel revealing several devices, using a hypospanner she adjusts one of these objects then taps her commbadge

=^= Captain Dwi to Ensign Ellison, any change? =^=

=^= No Ma'am, though i did read a small power fluctuation in your area =^=

=^= Thankyou ensign, moving to the next area Dwi out =^=

**The captain readjusts the object then closes up the panel and starts walkin down the corridor**

Lt Commander Zapatero has us working on what he thinks are power relays for the ship, as we cant get much out of the systems at the moment we are attempting to manually reroute power to systems while ensign Ellison monitors any changes in the stations systems from one of our shuttles.

While myself, Lt commander Zapatero and Ensign Ellison working on that i have Lt's Ravenheart and Coronet working on getting the AI to wake up, otherwise at this rate we may have to shoot our way out of the shuttlebay just to find out where the hell we are.

**the captain pauses again pulls out her tricorder then kneels down to open a panel revealing several devices

=^= Lt Coronet to Captain Dwi we think we ma.... =^=

**Power surges through the conduit the captain is inspecting and a flash of light throws her across the room**

**Interior shuttle view appears with Lt Commander Zapatero sitting in a chair**

***Personal Log, StarDate 111218, Lieutenent Commander Alex Zapatero***

<Repairs to this space aged bucket remains to be at an all time low. Everything has the potential of working but with little or no power to be effective. With some crew members, the Captain, Ensign Ellison, and Lt's Ravenheart and Coronet, I sent them a few off to several sections of the station to assess our situation. I couldn't have known that this station was too unstable... the Captain... *grips his hydrospanner angrily and breaks it* was caught in some electrolytical shock. A crewman's worst nightmare is to see his Captain unconscience like that. All emotions aside, after the station's AI program found her, it was determined that between the time she was down there and at the point of impact, the shock really took a hit to her synaptic pathways causing them to shut down slowly but surely. A few hours at best is all we've got to save her...

None of us have the medical experience to treat her. However the Chenae AI suggested a procedure called "Mental Grafting" to restore and stabalize the captains mental pathways, To do this, the AI would need to graft mental wave patterns close to that of the Captain's. It seemed the only two capable to survive this procedure was myself and Ensign Ellison. Scanning and creating specific synthetic grafts from us would take too long, so the alternative would be to mentally interface directly with the Captain. I'm not sure I am completly comfortable with what "interfacing" implies but unless we do something fast the captain will surely die. Volunteering was not an option, it was my duty. Let's just hope the Captain doesn't find out who really blew up the Sheppard holodeck a few months back. Security is STILL investigating that one.>

Computer End log

**Screen fades to black**


In service,
Captain Mulgrave Dwi

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