Personal Log, Bing Kronos, Lt. Penthara IV, 2270

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Bing Kronos
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Personal log, Lt. Bing Kronos, Stardate 2270, October 21st, I think
We have been on Penthara IV for a few days now. We have met with the local Federation Authorities, who have agreed to assist us in repairing our damaged Shuttlecraft (redubbed The SS Minnow) and refueling it. They were quite concerned to learn we were from quite some time in the future, and the effects we could have on the time-line, and also keeping our presence hidden from the local population. We assured them that we would blend in, and not give ourselves away, or do anything that could jeopardize the time-stream. They had the graciousness to offer the assistance of a freed Orion woman, Rhian Keegs.
We (Lt Kari Taurog, The Professor, Miss Keegs and I) discussed our plan for the day. Miss Keegs would assist the Professor in investigating a creature the locals had captured, and had no idea what it was. Lt. Taurog and I would spend our time in the Data Terminal, looking for clues on how to get us home. Lt. Taurog swung by the medical center to check on Nurse Costanza's progress, while I went to the Data lab and got the terminal started working.
The Professor and his able assistant examined the creature from a distance of roughly one meter. Using visual cues and observing closely, They came to the conclusion it was humanoid, winged, non-aggressive, and probably wearing a helmet. They will return with a tricorder, and other analyzing equipment tomorrow.
Kari and I studied the star-charts, telemetry, and predictions on where the Tear would most likely be in this time. After long hours, we determined the most probably area, but without a wormhole or some other way to bend space-time, we are still stuck. We will keep moving forward, regardless, because we cannot afford to lose our shot if one presents itself.

Crew Present :
Lt. Bing Kronos, as himself
Lt. Kari Taurog, as herself
Ensign Kestral Roffo, as The Professor
And introducing Cadet Rhian Keegs, in her first RP mission! How exciting!
Lt. Bing Kronos
Commanding Officer | USS Caligula
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