Tearable Occurrence, Penthara IV (2270)

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Mission Brief Location: USS Sheppard Away Team
Penthara IV (2270)

Alert Status:
*Yellow: Current

Location: Penthara IV (2270)

Uniform of the Day: ToS Duty Uniform / Local Colonist Attire


Away Team Leader's Log,
We have been on Penthara IV now for 48 hours. We have met with the Federation Colony leaders and appraised them of our situation. Because we have made a time-space jump, they are very concerned about the Prime Directive and the Space-Time continuum. As such we have been issued appropriate uniforms/clothing and asked to avoid as much contact with others as possible. There are several items the team needs to accomplish:
1) We need to make sure repairs/refuel to the Shuttle craft are complete and she will be ready for galactic travel that may include another Space Time jump.
2) We need to avail ourselves of Colony databases and information access to:
a) verify our location and time
b) plot on available star-maps the last known location of Paramount Station in 2420 so we can set our destination.
b) locate some Space/Time phenomenon near enough for us to reach to attempt our return home
3) We need to 'blend in' to the local colony to the extent that there are few questions surrounding our presence, and minimal impact once we leave.
The Federation Colony Leaders have posted that we are a team brought in to study local lifeforms and to add such the the Species Catalog. Any additional assistance we can provide, given we must not break the continuum of 2270, we are permitted to do to make ourselves productive and useful to the colony.
4) The Options to return through the Paramount Tear are not viable anymore. We have to return using 'good old fashion time travel'
Computer, end log.

Background Information:

We have indeed arrived at Penthara IV, however the year is 2270 (ToS). The port is New Seattle about ten years after the colony was founded and about 90 years before a devastating asteroid strike turned the planet into a snow and ice world. We will pick up our Wednesday RP with exploring the colony and accessing Starfleet resources to devise a way back to our time and place. TOS (original series) uniforms or mid-1960s perceptions of 23rd century civilian fashion are ok. No denim! We will begin our time at a meetup to next exchange what we’ve learned so far. So imagine what you may have done on your own for 48 hours. Presume Starfleet has given us temporary housing and recognition as Starfleet personnel from a time future. Everyone is doing their best not to disrupt the space-time continuum. There are no hostile threats. Others are welcome to join the RP as colonists. Imagine we are in Hawaii on Oahu at Honolulu in the year 2270 without all the tourists.
Penthara IV info: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Penthara_IV
Penthara IV was the inhabited fourth planet in its star system. This planet was the location of a Federation colony that had existed on the planet for at least a century by 2368.

Paramount Station: Paramount Station is a Regula Class research station on the edge of Federation space. They specialize in special anomalies and have an advanced observatory.

Trimetric Fractures: These fractures were breaches in spacetime continuum which could allow entry to Chaotic space.

Chaotic Space: This is a dangerous and energetic zone where the laws of physics are in a state of flux.


1) Joining in late? Not sure what to do? Talk with others in your department to be briefed. If they are unavailable, contact Rich Lombardia to get an update and request assignment.

2) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? Send a Personal Message to Officer in Charge (OIC)


Mission Specific Information:

Please wear your unity meters.

Away team structure is as follows:

1. Mission Commander: There will be an away team mission Commander that will command the overall away team. This person has operational control and should be obeyed.

2. Team Leader: Safety in numbers is great but more ground is covered when you search in teams. Each team will have a team leader. Short of the Mission commander issuing orders, the team leader should be obeyed

General Away Team advice

Always stay with your assigned team. Do not wonder off on your own.

There are info block (Blocks with a "?") that will give you information. General information is for everyone. Tricorder information is to be discovered when/ if you scan. Special information is only know if certain conditions are met such as belonging to a member of a particular branch.

Reoccurring Information: Confused about the mission? In this section, you'll find background supplemental information about our mission, the area of space we're in, supporting ships, and so on that you can use to help build atmosphere and add detail when participating or to your logging, if you like!

Please visit the Forums or Wiki to make sure you are up to date on our current story arc.

http://www.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index.p ... S_Sheppard


Starting objectives are the task(s) your department is involved in at the start of the RP. As the story progresses, additional tasks and objectives will be assigned by your chief, XO CO or current OIC (Officer in Charge)

Please take the time to think about your actions and get approval before adding any major twists to the RP. Be creative. Don’t simply say Q did this or Q did that.



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