Tearable Occurrence, Supplementa, by Lt. Bing Kronos, 201017

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Personal log, Lt. Bing Kronos, Unknown space headed to Penthara System, 201017

I will write this as my report, to be updated when we make contact with the Sheppard.

Near Paramount Station, a Trimetric tear has occurred, Hawke and Roffo have been lost inside.

The Probes are containing the tear for the moment. We are detecting subspace waves emanating from the tear, pulsing at irregular intervals. We must look into methods of reducing, or maintaining the size of the tear, hopefully preventing a full-scale event.

Our main objective is to assist the Station.

Team Mission:
Devise a plan, execute said plan for containing the tear.

2 Crew participation
Lt. Bing Kronos
Lt. Kari Taurog
Nurse Christina Costanza
Ensign Kestral Roffo (as the Professor)

3 Events
As the Trimetric tear grew slightly,even though it was being held by the suture, The Delta team was assigned to work with one of the scientists, known as the Professor, to find a solution to the threat of the expanding tear. The team gathered in the hangar bay, and devised a system that was deemed very likely to succeed. Instead of the cube formation with the probes, a dodecahedron shape would use twelve extra probes, and let it ‘rest’ instead of forcing it to keep still. The Professor suggested altering one other probe to act as a ‘vacuum cleaner’ to attract the surrounding gas cloud to clear any interference.

They finished loading the probes onto a small transport shuttle, to reprogram as they got underway. First, was the Vacuum probe, and was immediately activated. Working together, Nurse Costanza piloting the shuttle, they hit each waypoint, dropping a probe at each. Two down, eleven to go.

The rest of the probe drops went flawlessly, the team working in concert, navigating, programming, deploying and activating each. As the polyhedron took its final shape, and neared the activation phase, the vacuum probe was also nearing its completion. The Professor and Lt. Taurog conferred, double checking the numbers and decided to activate the updated suture the same time as the vacuum probe finished.

“Three.. Two.. One… Activate!”

The probes flared into life, encompassing the tear, and.. The rift swelled.. A bubble reaching out, and enveloping the shuttle.. Then all was dark.

4 Supplemental
The dazed crew were enveloped in darkness. Then the emergency lights came on, then full power was restored. Chaos was pushed aside as training took foot. No nav-points, unfamiliar stars, and, as a quick look at onboard stockpiles determined, a week’s worth of food and water. Several tense minutes later, a familiar system was found. The Penthara system. 96 to 100 hours away. As Helmsman Costanza swung the shuttle around, there was a loud “BANG”, and smoke started trickling into the cabin.

This was going to be a long week.
Lt. Bing Kronos
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Personal log: Date: 201019.06.48 (I think)...We were adrift for about a day repairing the Paramount Shuttle on the other side of the rift. Assisted by Nurse Costanza, I was able to run down a power storage cell from the aft shield emitter to complete the repair to propulsion. Meanwhile the Professor and Lt. Kronos confirmed as best they could our location and plan to head for Penthara system. The journey took 132 hours to reach the habitable planet of Penthara IV. This ice bound planet is known for its mining operations and galactic prison. The crew of the Shuttle, now dubbed the SS Minnow, passed the time getting better acquainted, taking shifts at flight control, and devising puzzles and games we could play to occupy our faculties. Lt Kronos even managed to convert the personal evacuation berth into a makeshift shower using condensation from the ship’s engine coolant loop. Everyone has been resourceful and adaptive as we enter Penthara IV’s descent. We are granted permission to land at the colony receiving depot. Something is strange....the planet is not the icy world we expected. Rather it is tropical, lush, and sparsely populated.
Ƙαrϊ Taurog10/19/2020

Supplemental: OOC. We have indeed arrived at Penthara IV, however the year is 2270 (ToS). The port is New Seattle about ten years after the colony was founded and about 90 years before a devastating asteroid strike turned the planet into a snow and ice world. We will pick up our Wednesday RP with exploring the colony and accessing Starfleet resources to devise a way back to our time and place. TOS (original series) uniforms or mid-1960s perceptions of 23rd century civilian fashion are ok. No denim! We will begin our time at a meetup to next exchange what we’ve learned so far. So imagine what you may have done on your own for 48 hours. Presume Starfleet has given us temporary housing and recognition as Starfleet personnel from a time future. Everyone is doing their best not to disrupt the space-time continuum. There are no hostile threats. Others are welcome to join the RP as colonists. Imagine we are in Hawaii on Oahu at Honolulu in the year 2270 without all the tourists.
Penthara IV info: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Penthara_IV
Memory Alpha
Penthara IV
Penthara IV was the inhabited fourth planet in its star system. This planet was the location of a Federation colony that had existed on the planet for at least a century by 2368. The planet was...
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