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Kiara1 Noel
Medical - Commander
Medical - Commander
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*enters her home office as she smiles to the baby*

Computer begin logs and label them KNO0906

Logs begins

Wow, a lot has changed in my life and some for the better, some for the worse, and some well.....let just say some weird things has happened. Let me explain...... So on my birthday, it was interesting, I got to see a friend of mine for Our traditional dance that we do every year.......between you and me, i look forward to them every year. Anyway, by that time my divorce from Kinjei was going smoothly as I finished all the papers and my lawyer sent them to him, He tried to come back to me, saying he was sorry but pfft I wasnt hearing it. Anyway, I was dancing with my friend and He said" Kia stop running from me, come home" I swear when he said those words, something in me clicked, like why am I running from the 1st Man who has entered my insane world, stayed, and made it better

Sensei Calling for Lt. Col. Delgotti

*looks up as she smiles*

Kiara: Good morning my Love

LordUtmost: Protégé, dont work too hard, we have a date later

Kiara: is it that time already....sheesh I swear time got away from me. Ill be done soon Sensei

LordUtmost: ok Protégé, i love you

Kiara: I love you too

Call from Sensei has ended, resume logs

I swear Computer this man here drives me up the wall of China, but I do love Him so much. You know he was the first person I met in SL over 13 years ago, and the feelings never left. Maybe.....just maybe..... anyway, let me end things here so I can get dressed for the date

End logs and turn on BoyzIIMen playlist

Logs end as BoyzIIMen begins to play
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