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ScreaminEagles Turbo
UFSMC - Marine Captain
UFSMC - Marine Captain
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Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 1:49 PM
sits at her COMMs station... settling in and putting in her access code <*> she begins her duty shift with Level 1 diagnostics and reports in: "COMMs to Officer of the Day... Ens Taurog on Station, Log-in 11:30 hrs, Requesting COMM Links sweeps and Monitoring Protocol Gamma-Four-A. Set Range for Sector and Subspace Channels Alpha through Delta. receives the acknowledgement Aye. Thank you." She then pulls up the daily noon announcements and calmly begins to read: Announcements, Star Date 2420.07.30... Admirals Banquet.... UFS Art Contest..". (and so on) completing that she starts the Level 2 diagnostic as ordered recording data to her Department Duty PADD, ...then she to running her listening sweeps... the Yellow Alert making her particularly diligent.

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:00 PM
logs receipt of decrypted PRIORITY 1 MESSAGE to Marine detail on board: "1st Lt Firecaster, 2nd Lt Turbo. You are hereby ordered to mobilize your aerospace wings and maintain a round the clock combat air patrol around the Pinastri system. Our recent engagement with the Kzem has revealed they have the ability to cloak their vessels. In addition their craft have been significantly modified and are utilizing highly advanced plasma weaponry. You are to have your fighters outfitted with a tetryon sensor package and run constant sweeps for cloaked vessels as you patrol. Any sightings should be reported to he USS Goddard and USS Sheppard Immediately. Please confirm receipt of message. Major Asbrink out" and forwards it to the captain's watch log. Opens a channel to Marina Combat Flight Control Sheppard COMMs standing by if needed, COMM LINK Data Recording set.

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:06 PM
2nd. LT. Turbos voice comes over comes acknowledged bridge prepping to scramble reaper squadron now

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:09 PM
me finishes receiving USS Veracruz subspace combat logs. transfers them to Marine Squadron RAID storage and copies them to ship logs and relays transmission to Starfleet HQ. "Veracruz Recent Combat Logs Received. *she speaks calmly nearly robotic as she was trained to always maintain calm and evenness when relaying information or providing status, masking any lilt or tone her voice may attached to the content of her words.

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:12 PM
bridge ive got the squdron gearing for launch now just awaiting the sound off
[2:13 PM]
bridge we are green across the board request launch clearance now

HawkeYesterday at 2:14 PM
Arrives on the bridge and heads to the Helm. He notices one of his new Helm Officers is on duty and thinks this will be the perfect training run for him......just what was his name???

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:16 PM
hawke have your flight ops folks be ready to perform battlefield SAR(edited)

HawkeYesterday at 2:16 PM
"Ensign Kellog, keep close tabs on this Squadron, we don't want any those pretty ships splatted all over the Bridge Screen."

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:16 PM
Acknowledge.. Marine Squadron Set for Launch she turns to the Officer of the Deck "they are ready for launch Sir... receiving the Launch signal she replies "uhh Marine Squadron you are Cleared to Launch....Combat Flight Control has your COMMs from here...Go get em' Reapers! All ya'll come back safe!"

HawkeYesterday at 2:17 PM
Acknowledged Eagles, see to it we're not needed

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:17 PM
looks at he Chief "Ensign Taurog Sir" *she stands at attention for a moment but keeps her hand on the console.

HawkeYesterday at 2:18 PM
As you were, Ensign, you're doing great
[2:18 PM]
Keep tabs of them, they'll be sending in numerous reports

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:19 PM
Aye *She sits and runs her hand over several button Marine Fighter Squadron away Sir. Their Flight Control Center has them. Monitoring their COMMs for Sheppard Logs and Captain's Watch Report.

HawkeYesterday at 2:20 PM
Most excellent work, Ensign.

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:20 PM
Any sign of the Captain Sir?

HawkeYesterday at 2:20 PM
I've not heard from him today
[2:21 PM]
Kellog, watch the yaw, keep her straight

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:21 PM
=A= sheppard Reaper squadron splitting into wing pairs half will patrol to your aft the rest eill split between port and starboard and the bow myself and reaper002 will be leading thr bow patrol=A=

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:22 PM
?me looks over at the apparently equally new Helm and Nav Ensign Kellog and gives them a warm assuring smile.. *she murmers softly so he can her "stick to your training, you'll do fine"

HawkeYesterday at 2:24 PM
looks over the ships power consumption reports and notes a few fluctuations, sends to Engineering for report

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:24 PM
=A=Activating tachyon and tetryon sensor packages and arming all weapons bridge i suggest setting sensors for tachyon and tetryon detection as well=A=(edited)

HawkeYesterday at 2:25 PM
looks to the Science Officer and notes her busily making the proper adjustments

Kiara *BlackRose* DelgottiYesterday at 2:26 PM
heard the command as she sent a message to reaper 001every pilot had a medic onboard just incase, including ours.cuts the comms between her and reaper 001 as she sent a message to all reapersAlright reapers let's get it, let's go!!she hears a resounding hoorah as they go on patrol

The SkipperYesterday at 2:26 PM
Feels the lift stop and looks up from his PADD as the doors swoosh open. He steps off and goes to his command chair. "Report."(edited)

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:26 PM
listens to the pilot chatter in her earpiece, scanning for any Comms transmissions she increases the listening array sensitivity to 80% saturation... its a lot more white noise to filter but perhaps it will help determine potential threat

HawkeYesterday at 2:26 PM
stands for relief of the Commordor
[2:27 PM]
Sir, Squadron is out on a SAR Patrol, recieved orders to clear the area
[2:27 PM]
I stand relieved

Kiara *BlackRose* DelgottiYesterday at 2:27 PM
activating the sensor packages and arming her weapons as she was so happy to be in her ladybird again

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:29 PM
=A= Turbo to sheppard sir i recieve a priority 1 from major asbrink of the vera the darned Kzem have advanced plasma weapons and cloaks now we are ordered along eith peddys air wing to patrol using tetryon and tachyon sensor packages suggest raising the sheilds and going to battle ststions just incase=A=(edited)

HawkeYesterday at 2:29 PM
moves over the XO seat as he continues to monitor the Helm's positioning and piloting, allowing him to exercise his training

The SkipperYesterday at 2:30 PM
Ensign Taurog, inform Lt. Eagles to keep the squadron together. We are going to investigate some intel that came in on a secure channel. Let them know we'll rendezvous at the Veracruz or alternate location if necessary. Hawke, I'm forwarding you a location, lock it in and prepare for warp. We'll travel at warp 8 on my command.

HawkeYesterday at 2:30 PM
"Aye sir"
[2:31 PM]
looks to Kellog to accept the coordinates and plot in as requested
[2:31 PM]
"you ready for Warp 8? She gets a bit loose around 7.8"
[2:32 PM]
Kellog looks back with a bit of fear in his eyes, but see's the confidence his Chief has and follows his orders

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:32 PM
"Go ahead Turbo... *she acknowledges the message" repeating the information "Sir Reporting Kzem have advanced plasma weapons and cloaks now. They were ordered to patrol using tetryon and tachyon sensor packages. He suggests raising the shields and going to battle ststions just incase/"

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:33 PM
orders the squadron to regroup and patrol in a tight but loose delta formation

Kiara *BlackRose* DelgottiYesterday at 2:33 PM
heard the order and regrouped with the other reapers

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:34 PM
Reapers this is Sheppard, please keep the squadron together and prepare for Warp travel. Rendezvous point is the Veracruz... Coordinates being transmitting the Flight Control.

The SkipperYesterday at 2:34 PM
Look over at Hawke and thinks for a minute "Alright Lt, 7.8 it is. But they better shake loose any issues as I need all possible speed available. We don't know what we will encounter if anything. "

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:36 PM
*=A= acknowledged Sheppard Turbo out=A=

Bing KronosYesterday at 2:36 PM
enters the Bridge, finding his station quickly and starts his own diagnostics and scans the ship for problems

The SkipperYesterday at 2:36 PM
Great, they are more advanced that expected. When we are 5 minutes from arrival raise shields. Keep all weapons systems on standby. Send a ship wide broadcast, all hands to battle stations as a precaution. Make sure sensors are fully functional and prepare tetryon and tachyon scans.

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:37 PM
puts in her access code for secure transmission data receipt <*> Ready for Secure Channel Information Sir.

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:37 PM
relays the rendezvous coordinates to the rest of the squadron

The SkipperYesterday at 2:37 PM
Ah, Mr. Kronos there you are. You catch that last bit about Tetryon and tachyon scans?

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:38 PM
Aye Sir. *she calmly but efficiently switching s "All Stations COMMs on" Sheppard to Battle Stations, All Hands Report to their immediate COs." *she switches back to Bridge COMMs

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:39 PM
orders the squadron to begin full sensor sweeps of the area imediately

HawkeYesterday at 2:40 PM
"Keep your seat, Mr Kellog, I'm here if needed but I want you to have the experience"

The SkipperYesterday at 2:42 PM
Sits in his command chair and keeps an ear out but let's his staff do their jobs until his orders or interventions are needed. His attention returns to the report on his PADD

Bing KronosYesterday at 2:42 PM
Sensors fully operational, Captain

The SkipperYesterday at 2:44 PM
Do you're best to give us a good pre-approach scan. After we arrive you can saturate the area to make sure cloaked vessels are not creeping up on us. Ensign Taurog, keep an ear out when we arrive. They might have a cloak but that doesn't mean they have fully upgraded ships. Many Kazon vessels are poorly up kept, their sounds might give them away.(edited)

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:45 PM
Captain.. Message incoming from CO USS Goddard... she raises an eyebrow and grins a little turning to the Captian "He's asking what is taking us so long?, Sir."
[2:45 PM]
Aye Captain

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:46 PM
begins to turn his fighter to the next section point delta 3

The SkipperYesterday at 2:46 PM
Let him know we have a small detour and will be there presently.

HawkeYesterday at 2:46 PM
gets an alert message from the Central Computer Core
[2:46 PM]
"Aknowledged, on my way"
[2:47 PM]
Commodore, I'm needed in the Computer Core, Ensign Kellog is doing a fine job and should keep her togehter for you

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:48 PM
Aye Captain *she pushes S-to-S Channel 1 and relays the captain's response again without emotion or expression.

The SkipperYesterday at 2:48 PM
No problem, chief. Take care of business.


2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 2:51 PM
arriving at point delta 3 he and the rest of reaper squadron begin sweeping thier sensors thru the area
[2:53 PM]
Reapers if you spot anything on your sensors report it imediately if thry decloak and fire your are weapons free and permitted to return fire until i order the jump to warp
[2:55 PM]
recieves affirmatives from the rest of the squadron
[2:58 PM]
doing 1 last sweep of point delta 3 he detects a cloaked vessel
[2:59 PM]
Shit theres one here hope they wefent tapped into comms
[3:00 PM]
encrypts a tight beam priority 1 message to the sheppard and warns them thst there is at least 1 cloaked ship thst was near them when they went to warp and sends it off
[3:06 PM]
keeps an aye on the cloaked ship as the squadron moves away and see's it decloaking see's plasma weapons firing and manuevers away shouthing WEAPONS FREE ENEMY ON OUR SIX
[3:10 PM]
turns his fkghter arround in a tight end for end swap and opens fire eith the rest of the squadron before ordering a torperdo run and selecting quantum torpedo's to launch at the enemy ship and flying in a way that it would seem like his ship is riding the wind as he closes in and launches his torpedo's at the the spot the phaser blasts are converging on befire hitting the afterburner and ordering rhe others to do the same before hitting the warp control
[3:13 PM]
sends a message to the sheppard as soon as we turned away from the cloaked vessel to begin sweeping another area we were attacked i ordered weapons free and a torpedo run then afterburners and jumping to warp w are going to do a picard manuever in away to leave the area then head to the vera cruz from there
[3:15 PM]
it was a freaking cloaked escort vessel im pretty dure we disabled it we launched torpedo's imediately after firing phasers so insure the torpedo's hit the hull itself

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:16 PM
Aye Reaper One message received.

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 3:19 PM
Sending reaper 7 back to you they were hit bad the medic on board has performed battlefield first aid but the pilot needs to be taken to sickbay
[3:21 PM]
Reapers we are heading to the rendevous point at the uss veracruz set your warpspeed to maximum reaper seven catch up eith the sheppard once you get there get your pilot to sickbay

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:22 PM
Aye Reaper One... Godspeed!

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 3:24 PM
Hits the throttle and goes imediately to maximum warp to make the rendevous at the same time the rest of the reapers do the same
[3:28 PM]
recieves a messge from the medic on reaper seven informing him the sheppard is to far out and they are diverting to the thresher as it is closer


Bing KronosYesterday at 2:52 PM
thinks, sending out pulse waves, sub sonic, and even old fashioned radar and sonar pulses.

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 2:56 PM
winces and pops her earpiece out... shaking her head as she reduces the listening gain setting and backs off saturation by five percent and looks over at the rusty science officer making sure he remembers subsonic internal dampening.

Bing KronosYesterday at 2:59 PM
catches her glare, sliding his controls to a more specific setting. ‘Sorry!’ He mouths to her

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:02 PM
Captain, Reaper One reports they may have picked up a cloaked vessel at Delta three... that would be two zero niner mark sixteen as Sheppard entered Warp.

Bing KronosYesterday at 3:08 PM
Scans clear so far, Captain
[3:08 PM]
continues his scans, hunting for faint signals

The SkipperYesterday at 3:10 PM
Alright, tell them to investigate and use caution. They know we're on the way. Perfect.
[3:12 PM]
*Wonders how big of a trap they are walking into or if they were waiting for the Sheppard to leave in order to attack the squadron. For a moment, he ponders if he should turn around but know the marines are well trained. *

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:16 PM
Captain, Reaper One reports: "soon as we turned away from the cloaked vessel to begin sweeping another area we were attacked i ordered weapons free and a torpedo run then afterburners and jumping to warp. They are going to do a Picard maneuver - in away to leave the area, then head to the Veracruz from there."
[3:17 PM]
Captain, Reaper One reports: "it was a freaking cloaked escort vessel... I'm pretty sure we disabled it we launched torpedo's immediately after firing phasers so insure the torpedo's hit the hull itself."

The SkipperYesterday at 3:19 PM
I am not surprised. Wish them luck and to let us know if they need our assistance.
[3:22 PM]
Debates if they should go back to capture the escort but the intel he received has a limited window. "Ensign, contact the USS Thresher, priority one. Let them know there is a disabled escort vessel at our previous location and they should take possession. They probably wont respond verbally. "(edited)

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:24 PM
Captain, Reaper One reports: "Sending Reaper 7 back to Sheppard. They were hit bad. The medic on board has performed battlefield first aid but the pilot needs to be taken to sickbay. Reapers we are heading to the rendezvous point at the USS Veracruz. Reaper 7 can catch up after Sheppard receives the injured pilot. Waylay that Sir.(edited)

The SkipperYesterday at 3:25 PM
Are they able to catch us? We can not slowdown or we miss our opportunity.

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:28 PM
Aye Captain, Right Away *she opens hailing frequency Secure Two "USS Thresher, this is Sheppard, Priority One. Disabled Vessel Alert... Vessel of unknown origin at location [sends coordinates]. Rendezvous and take possession until vessel can be identified. Be Advised: No Communications from unknown vessel."
[3:28 PM]
They are diverting Reaper 7 to Thrasher for Medical Transport Sir

The SkipperYesterday at 3:30 PM
Hears the helmsman announce they are nearing their destination. Slow to impulse. 3/4 speed. Lt. Kronos start saturating the area to look for cloaked ships. Now that we are on location we are awaiting a rare opportunity to catch a weapons exchange between the Kazon and some unknown 'benefactor'. Our primary objective is to prevent the supply ship from giving them the weapons at all costs. If that is not possible we must stop the Kazon.

Bing KronosYesterday at 3:32 PM
Aye, Sir... saturation commencing

The SkipperYesterday at 3:32 PM
Helm, there is a small moon around the seventh planet of that un-named star system. That will be a good place to observe and hide our presence.
[3:33 PM]
Bing any warp signatures on our long range sensors.

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:33 PM
Sonar sweeps duplicated to COMMs analysis panel: Sir I am listening for sounds and emissions that may help locate cloaked vessel.

The SkipperYesterday at 3:34 PM
I wont be surprised if there are several. I doubt they would go to weapons exchange alone.

Bing KronosYesterday at 3:35 PM
Sir... something pinged on SONAR... sending to you now
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ScreaminEagles Turbo
UFSMC - Marine Captain
UFSMC - Marine Captain
Posts: 55
Joined: 200110.0430
Duty Post: CO Reaper Squadron
Ship/Station Posted: Pinstari HQ
Grid: Second life
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The SkipperYesterday at 3:37 PM
Sound red alert. Let's make sure everyone knows possible danger immanent.(edited)

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:38 PM
Aye Red Alert: She punches the red alert all comms button on the console "Sheppard to Red Alert" All stations report Ready Status."

Bing KronosYesterday at 3:39 PM
Two blips, sir... aft and starboard

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:40 PM
watches the Ops board lights turn from Red to Red with Green Dots as all stations report in... Propulsion, Life Support, Enginnering, Medical, Tactical, then Weapons, Flight....

The SkipperYesterday at 3:41 PM
Steady now, let them meet then we'll make our presence known. Standby Tractor beam on the merchant. Lt, if you detect transporter activity from one ship to another let me know immediately.

Bing KronosYesterday at 3:41 PM
Correction.. port and starboard
[3:41 PM]
Aye Sir

Karina - ̗̀ Ƙαrϊ ̖́- TaurogYesterday at 3:42 PM
Sir no COMMS transmission between vessels... No Hails.

The SkipperYesterday at 3:43 PM
Let me know when they are within 10km of one another. Helm, prepare to go full impulse. Lock weapons on the Kazon but hold fire.

Bing KronosYesterday at 3:54 PM
Sir, they are nearing 10k rendezvous

The SkipperYesterday at 3:58 PM
Helm, engage full impulse. Ensign, let them know to cut power to engines and prepare to be boarded. When in range capture the alien vessel. Lock weapons on the Kazon vessel and tell them to stand down.

Kiara *BlackRose* DelgottiYesterday at 3:59 PM
heard about Reaper 7 and sighs alright, I'll see you on the Sheppard..Blackrose outshe said as she put it in full throttle and punched it to the Sheppard. Getting in sight of the Sheppard =^= Sheppard, this is Reaper 2 requesting permission to return to hanger=^=(edited)

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 11:33 PM
Reaper 1 to uss sheppard we have arrived ay the rendevous point and began scanning thr uss veracruz is badly damaged it seems we have signs of massive damage to the ships hull they are limping it seems the remaining reapers will fly escort for the ship until you arrive over

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboToday at 12:02 AM
USS Veracruz this is Reaper 1 of Repear squadron assigned to the USS SHEPPARD-A we have just done a sweep of the area confirming no hostiles present we are forming up in an escort formation arround you now until the sheppard arrives

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 10:54 PM
begins to drop out of warp ay the rendevous coordinates and orders a sensor swerp of the area

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboYesterday at 11:24 PM
Reaper 1 to uss sheppard we have arrived ay the rendevous point and began scanning thr uss veracruz is badly damaged it seems we have signs of massive damage to the ships hull they are limping it seems the remaining reapers will fly escort for the ship until you arrive over
July 31, 2020

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboToday at 12:01 AM
USS Veracruz this is Reaper 1 of Repear squadron assigned to the USS SHEPPARD-A we have just done a sweep of the area confirming no hostiles present we are forming up in an escort formation arround you now until the sheppard arrives

2nd. LT.ScreaminEagles TurboToday at 8:12 AM
Reaper 1 to U.S.S. Sheppard please be advised that the U.S.S. Thresher has successfully Captured the Kzem Escort and is prepign to take it Back to SS Peedy For storage and research

** END RP **
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