Under water mission

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martian dunner
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Martian returns to his office just off the main engineering room and sits at his desk looking at the computer. Computer open personal log McDunner

Personal log
Stardate: 200329
Unknown Planet and unknown time period. It appeared they were not a space faring civilization so not fearing any detection our away teams boarded shuttles and slipped into the atmosphere at a location far from any of the small land masses. We entered the water and navigated around looking for the bits of metal we were attempting to locate and retrieve. Everything was going well untill i suddenly spotted rather large biological headed our way. Both our shuttle and the other team were having trouble with some kind of interference with our sensors so it was hard to determine what type of animal or fish this was but it was huge. Just passing close by us sent the shuttle spinning and the Captain had trouble getting it under control . On its next pass it damaged the port nacelle causing us to have to cut power to it leaving us with just thrusters to steer. The next pass caused damage to the rear compartment and knocked out the containment field .
I got Mr Hawke our ops officer on the team to join me doing repairs. Hawke took care of sealing off the water leaks while i worked on getting the containment field back online and finding a route for getting power around the damaged nacelle. Mr Hawke was successful
in sealing off the leaks and i got the containment field back up and able to clear out most of the water. it took me another thirty minutes to find a route around the damaged nacelle to get power back to the port engine. While we were doing this the Captain and the Cadet had fired low powered phasers at the beast and drove it off. We fould the last piece of metal and pulled it from the sea bed with the tractor beam and transported it to the rear compartment . Checking with the other team we learned they too had located all the metal pieces we had been assigned to find. What there for is a mystery to us.

We returned to the ship with no further problems and i got to work with my crew constructing speckal tanks to hold sea water to keep the metal parts in safe condition untill this Grandfather was ready to use them .

Sitting back looking at the screen I decide that is enough , too darn tired to worry about more.

Computer save and close log McDunner

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