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martian dunner
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Enters his room and sits down at his desk looking at the computer. Our dead, our dead and we had to leave them due to a bunch of money hungry salvagers. Slams his fist down on the desktop.

computer open log McDunner

Stardate 291204

This mission is begin g to wear on the whole crew . We are way over crowded with refugees. I have three shifts working round the clock keeping replicators going for food for our crew and the refugees . Also three shifts working in life support which is also working over capacity. Then science picks up something odd and we go to investigate and find several of our missing ships lost during the battle with the Romulians . One looked like we might be able to tow it home. When our away team arrived aboard we found dead brothers and sisters floating around . I still see them when i close my eyes . While trying to get power restored so we could setup a retaining field to keep the ships structure two of our team found an unexploded Romulian mine. They were working on disarming it when the lowly salvagers arrived . Money hungry the were willing to fight and would not leave us transport our dead people home in the ship.

Lays his head down on the desktop . Closes his eyes but opens them quickly , all he sees are the dead crew floating around in the room.

No more to night , I have to get some rest and get back on duty. Maybe i can see the Doc and get something to clear my head.

Computer close and save log

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