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**comes in from a night of crew mingling and staff meetings, settles into the office chair in his quarters, and leans back in contemplation**

Elizabeth, begin recording Personal Log.


Personal Log, Stardate 190818.

I've just come back from an entertaining time spent with Captain Lombardia in the Mess Hall. He taught me how to play the game of "Greedy." This is a game of pure chance but with some skill and need for human intuition on when to Roll and when to Stop. I'm still not completely familiar with the entire set of rules, but it was interesting to see the Captain's mind work on a strategic side when it comes to bargaining or risk. I find him to be a very safe minded person that is willing to take risks in the beginning, but as the stakes increase his desire to take risks diminishes. I will find it interesting to see how this translates to his decisions in missions. Sometimes the calculated risk must outweigh the desire for safety of those involved. That risk factor must also take into account the number of lives at stake; for the Federation or for the ship. Which takes precedence? My analytical mind wonders, my logical mind leads, but my human side is uncertain.....

**leans in to consider the rest of the evening**

In any case, it was a nice night to meet the entire crew of officers for the Sheppard. Going over protocols and the future was a nice gesture for the Captain to read all of us in at the same time. This way there is no way of rumor or second guessing the rules of the ship. I find myself enjoying and settling in here very well. I have completed my Level 1 phaser check, and now hope to move forward. My old days of Security tend to call on me. However, my enjoyment of piloting the ship is definitely one of exhilaration. To know that she goes exactly where I tell her is so exciting. I almost feel as though she is a part of my very soul, in human terms.

Elizabeth, Log and Save.

**Personal Log saved.**

Excellent, Elizabeth, lower the lights for night cycle, I think I'll take a few minutes for meditation before retiring for the night.
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