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personal log - jackray toocool

Posted: 190211.1709
by jackray toocool
life is not what we make of it but what is give us by the great sprit of the cosmos know by many names (God by the humans) the Vulcans call him Katras and other aliens by other names, His the one who make the cosmos , To us
hova aliens his name is Rojak who come to our home world to kill the snake of the underworld gamo who was 900 feet
long and eyes could take souls to send them to work in the underworld but rojak put a sword to his head and give us freedom, any way I belive in freedom that is in ufs star fleet plus we are called to love every one, a power stick give me
as a young man to my eyes made me a man but star fleet help me to be more to others.

jackray toocool